should i kill my herbs?

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  1. Hi, i guess im looking for someone to tell me not to lol but what it is-is that i have 7 plants growing in my greenhouse and my neighbors (who would grass in a second cos they hate me) may have seen them (not sure) But last night i saw a camera flash go off in my back garden (which is only separated by a 9ft fence from these mother-fuckers), I went outside to see wtf was going on and mr neighbor was taking pictures of trees (at 11pm at night) was he or wearnt he taking pics of my plants or has weed made me paranoid? should i dump em?:confused:
  2. Ask him, not us.

  3. useful or even mature comments please
  4. That probably is the most mature answer you are going to get. Be respectful and talk to them. Ask them how they feel about it and if their not then yeah respect their wishes and pull em. If you go confront them and their not total asshole they'll prolly say it's your property do what you want.
  5. thats pretty strange to be taking pictures of trees at 11pm at night. that just sounds ridiculous!!! Can they get a good view of the plants from their yard???
  6. dude youve never taken pictures of trees in your backyard at night!!>!?!?!?!!
    damn i thought everyone did that

  7. not just by lookin, they would have to tip-toe and stare:smoke:
  8. well in this case only time will tell. If you keep them and nothing ever happens then you know your good. If you toss them you will never know if you were about to get caught. Me i would keep them because its my property, and i wouldnt give a fuck about my neighbors lol.
  9. I've done so many many times, Trying to capture the endangered "Wide Eyed Woolen Hoot Owl"

  10. 7 plants i wouldnt worry but if you want to make sure you can look into guerilla growing

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