should i keep this strain going?

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  1. I got cotton candy clone from the guys at the hydro shop but he warned me it was from a femed but not stable seed. I took it because the 14 lbs he harvested off it was still great smoke. I've had it vegging for almost 3 months now and I see what they mean. She looks like a special case... massive plant and bushy but she's growing out of control and not exactly in a good way. Branches are crossin each other and stuff. It looks like I'm training her and crossin branches and stuff but I'm not. I took clones cus while the way its growing worries me its def a producer. The freakish growth on it gave him an extra 3 lbs he wasn't expecting. But I worry about it stressing and seeding up. I have over 100 plants and can't look at them all enough to catch it in time. Should I ride this freak show out for the yield or let it go sense it was unstable to begin with? I don't wanna ruin my whole crop, but its def the craziest bitch I've ever seen.
  2. So, you have this freakishly large plant, but you dont have time to catch issues in time? Can you not pay special attention to this plant? Are your other plants also so freakishly big that you cant keep track?

    I guess Im just confused. From the sounds of your OP, you're far from a beginner (how many beginners run 100+plants that are huge in size?) and I'd have to imagine that you are much better suited to make this call on your own rather than relying on a bunch of internet strangers that dont know your setup.
  3. Yea. I go to the grow house once a week or so. Its in washingtona nd I'm in oregon. Everythings controlled by timers. This is my first real indoor grow. My buddys wearhouse grow got busted and he gave me good deal on 5 lights an 8 inch fan and a ton of plants. Problem is the space. They are crammed in there and this one needs space because of how it is growing. Its getting tangled up with other plants every direction. I have her in her own corner but to get to her I have to remove 30 plants out then move them all back. I am only doing this one time and my goal was to harvest 400 plants indoor by april until I sell the house. That is why I have so many right now, but I'm worrying what it'll look like if I keep her goin nd have like 5 of these strains getting tangled up with other plants
  4. So the real question is is there a higher risk to unstable seeds? Is that even a real term? I don't breed or even use seeds. I just don't want to get a surprise come harvest. I can try to train her and bend her normalish and ride it out, but the last time I saw her it really hit me that this plant is far from normal and I'm wondering if she is high risk. I am thinkin about finishing her outside by herself to test and see how she flowers and if she grows some balls, but I'm unsure on keeping this one going or not. Has anyone else grown from "unstable" seed and got some jacked up plant? Did it herm?
  5. If I had any concerns about 1 plant and had another 100 that if could affect it would ave gone in the bin by now.

    Plus why bring another plant from another grow into your garden
  6. What do you mean? All of my plants came from a warehouse from the hydro shop goes and then I cloned some. Most were hindu kush and then I got 1 of a few strains that I was going to mother to clone to throw outside. Plushberry, cotton candy, udub, lemon drop, strawberry cough, blackberry kush, ak 47 and og kush all got cloned massively after I got them to keep em goin. Hindu kush is what will be finished inside that house. Cotton candy is worrying me though. I moved her to a different room and have her under a 400 watt now and will start to flower her. I might toss her in my green house. Not going to take any more clones off her but I do have 4 babies growing right now. If all goes well they will be apart of my 200 plant outdoor crop. Other wise I'll dump it and try to get ahold of other strains :/
  7. 14 pounds off one plant huh?:rolleyes:
  8. Yea, they grow 1 plant of each strain inside the wearhouse... facepalm
  9. 14oz maybe?

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  11. [quote name='"vjaj"']14oz maybe?

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w[/quote]

    I wasn't talkin about 1 plant. I was talkin about the strain. He got 14 off his harvest from this strain. He took 2 lbs to his hydro shop to sell it and I exchanged him some of my outdoor bud for it. He said sense I liked it I can have his clones, but told me the situation with em. He grew 10 plants of this strain and liked the yield so he asked his partner for more, but all the guy had was seeds and they turned out to be unstable. At the time I only had 3 plants so I said I wanted em all. He told me that he could give me as many plants as I wanted so I went to his warehouse and snagged 50 plants from him. Now I'm starting to see why he gave away this strain. He finished it no problem, but he also has a shit ton of experience on me. I just don't want to stress it and ruin the rest. I only took 1 cotton candy from him and 40 hindu kush and 1 of the rest. But like I said I was planning on cloning it. 4 just rooted and 2 are already growing in small containers. Not sure if I should keep em goin or get rid of em.
  12. Bro, he has experience not only with this strain but also with growing in general. I think you should get the info you seek from him. I think if he got 25% more than he expected with the strain I'd take my chances with it.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w

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