Should I keep the two tents in my spare room or just make the whole room a "grow box"

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  1. I have a spare room about 11 foot by 11 foot (roughly) and about 9 feet high. Currently have two 4.5 x 4.5 x 6 grow tents set up side by side taking up pretty much half the room. In one tent I have two Quantum Badboy T5 8 bulb units (total of 16 bulbs and about 4x4 feet and this is strictly for flowering). In the other tent I have a 900 Watt Blackstar LED for flowering. Just picked up a 250 Watt HPS in trade and was thinking of adding it next to the LED.
    My question is, would it be smarter/more efficient to just get rid of the tents and hang all four lights from the ceiling? Would that give me more control over temps and stuff??
    What are your opinions?
  2. With so much space it would be much better to increase wattage and switch to HID's. 600w can do a 4x4 space, so you could turn the whole room into 3 600w's with one tent for veg inside the room and it would leave you a 3 ft walkway down the middle for access.

    Its all about what you want, you would need an exhaust fan for the whole room as well as one for the veg tent. it should actually be easier to control temps in the tent one would think being a sealed environment.

    Personally, with the gear you have it would be best just to stick with tents in my opinion. if you are having issues with keeping temps you can always invest in a fan controlling thermostat as well as a dimmer for your fan (the slower the fan runs and longer the better, more air transfer in the room for the girls) as long as temps are in check.
  3. I've got 4400w in a 12'x12'

  4. That seems like alot, then i do the math. 12x12 = 144

    4400 / 144 = 30.5555 watts per SQF. Don't you want like 50 or more?

  5. Did you have to upgrade your electrical?

    I have a spare room and i was hoping that the outlets in the room will be able to support lets say 3 1000w light and all the other things like air conditioning and exhaust and filters.

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