should i keep it?

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  1. okay, so recently i tried to grow in my closet and the end result was absolute failure.
    i had been loafting on cleaning up the area considering i gave my friend the rest of my seeds but when i went to go clean the area up i saw a plant had sprouted out of the soil. I have no idea how it even popped out of the soil, cause prior to that i was trying to dig up the seed about a week earlier :laughing: .

    what im here to ask though, is it worth keeping or should i just give it to a friend or throw it out?
    ps: my closet area is already clean so no way am i setting it back up :p

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  2. if that ^ means you have no means to grow it then ya don't have much choice, give it to someone who wants it
  3. ^ exactly what he said, you clearly don't want to so why bother.
  4. does it look like it could make it though?
    If not, theres no point in giving it to someone just so it can die lol.
  5. If you give it to your friend soon so he can get light onto it then yes it can make it, but the longer you have her just sitting out with no light the less chance she has.. If you don't want it give it to your friend.. If you don't want to give it to them then trash it.. :wave:

  6. I had a sprout with little to no light for 3 days, if you look in my journal its the one I've posted pics of. So yes, it will grow. Personally I'd grab some CFL's, a container, and grow that bitch. But giving it to your friend should be option # 2
  7. No one really wanted the plant mainly because its winter and i live in canada(even though we just had our first real snow today) :(.

    So i decided instead of scrapping it or setting up my grow space again i just put it on my window sill and im going to hope for the best :laughing: it probably wont make it but hey.. you never know.

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