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should i just smoke all of this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by inz, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    im buying again with a friend tomorrow and i have all of this bud, about 2.5 grams.. which is quite a lot for me, haha. my tolerance is high but not THAT high and I havent been really fucked in so long. Reckon I should just do it? I'm going to be pretty sick of smoking after this mannn
  2. id smoke a little, then save the rest for when you pick up again the smoke all that :p
  3. Whats stopping you? your gunna pick up again so i say DO IT! but you dont have to smoke it ALL either
  4. I'd smoke untill u were really high. It's never a bad thing to save some for later. :Smoke:
  5. i have a high tolerance too but like 4-6 hits of that would give me a nice high for a few hours! i suggest saving it to last a whole day or until tomorrow!
  6. Smoke until you're happy with how high you are. If you have some left over, cool. If not, you're picking up tomorrow anyway.

  7. Then you don't have a high tolerance ;)
  8. give it to me?
  9. To me that would be a waste and your pick up tomorrow could get canceled/not happen
  10. Wait I don't understand. Why would you smoke all of that just to get rid of it? Seems like a waste to me. Just have one session, get really high, and when you're starting to come down, toke up again. No need to waste good herb, because smoking 3 grams in one day isn't necessary.

    And also, it's not like your weed is gonna go bad anytime soon.

  11. well i certainly don't have a low tolerance:(!

    and idk, wasn't there another thread with the same exact picture?:confused: or am i having deja vu?
  12. Eh..I would save at least some of it. Regardless is your picking up, when that new pickup is out, you could still have some of the left over bud from previous.

    But if you wanna get really baked then do it.
  13. DON'T!!!

    Flamin' hell - ok, your buying some more tomorrow...but so what? You've GOT to be completely dry before you buy?!

    Have the small nug, save the big one!
  14. Smoke half, just in case you don't get to pick up tomorrow for whatever reason.

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