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  1. Today is day 57 and flowering ends in 3 days. She looks like a beaut but has had a really rough week. As I weened it off of food and started feeding her molasses and water she has shown a broad spectrum of deficiency's. Every day more and more of it seems to be dying. At first it wasn't a big deal because it was just the fan leaves but the past two days have started to show purple marks on the edges of the cola leaves for what seems to be a P or K def (idk which)

    It sucked up the molasses and water I gave it and I was seriously thinking of just taking this strain to the 9 week mark so I gave it a mini feeding this morning. Tonight when I came home I decided I would rather just harvest it around the 60 day mark like originally planned so I flushed the whole plant. I was using organics the whole time with coco/perlite medium.

    But now I don't really know what to do. It is dying more and more every day and now the colas are starting to get wierd spots on what would otherwise be gorgeous, dank, sugar coated bud. Should I just chop it down tonight or try and wait it out. I don't want to ruin my crop and just need advice on what to do:confused::confused:
  2. Pics?

    What's the Ph of your water?
  3. Check the trichs?
  4. Been using nothing but distilled past week, with molasses so I'm sure around 7 or just under

    There area few amber with mostly cloudy and clear trichs. The larger buds show more cloudy and amber with the lower ones showing some amber but mostly clear
  5. its really common for a plant to start to show deficiencies at the end of flower because youve stopped giving it nutrients and only gave it water, so they use up all whats left in the leaves in a last ditch effort to stay alive
  6. Normal life cycle of the plant I'd say. Be glad you got some color to your cola leaves. :)
  7. So it's otherwise ok? I was hoping to save the trimmed stuff to make some hash or something but will I even be able to do that now that the leaves are all yellowed and burnt looking

  8. yea, as long as there are trichomes on the sugar leaves you can make hash out of them regardless of how burnt they look
  9. sweet thanks

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