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should i just kick his ass?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lilhaze, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. well my so called friend sold me an 1/2 oz for $200 and he handed me the bag and we just walked seperate ways (i know i should've looked at it first but he really was a 'good friend') and it ended up being 10g's of some black weed that was really since i can't call the cops and he wont give me my money should i just kick his ass (brass knuckles) i would just use plain fist but he's like 6'3 and 200 pounds....what would you do?
  2. Next time take some lube with you.
  3. You got beat, metaphorically with that shitty bag, don't go gettin' beat literally.
    Live and learn.

  4. :mad:
  5. Put on the brass knuckles and hit yourself.

    Look out for yourself you've just learned a lesson in life. Violence doesn't matter it wont do any good you want to spend life in a cage?
  6. Did you tell him? What did he say?

    Is he a thug? Will he get revenge?
  7. He goes from a "friend," to a "good friend," to a "bitch?"

  8. Im just wondering....How does one get to be soo lucky to have 2 red rep-bars? :poke:

  9. an asshole

  10. LOL, but why you mad bro?

  11. it was hard luck involved

  12. lol thats a terrible question right now its obvious
  13. You could fight him, but in the end your still out 200 dollars. Just gotta take it as a 200 dollar lesson.

  14. he said he was going to give me back my money at first then he said oops i spent it lol so i said i'll see you later then (i was too pissed off to deal with him) and ya he's a thug i guess lol 6'3 black, but he doesnt look like a fighter.....he has a lazy fat ass posture thing going on lol
  15. offer him the 10g back for your $200, or ask him to give you the bud you payed for. if he won't, id say yeah kick his ass
  16. Even if you do get the jump on him and kick his ass, you'll still be out your money.
    Plus, are you going to carry those brass knux with you from now on? What's to stop him from getting revenge?
  17. Nah you need to fuck that ***** up.

  18. then he gets away with it.......idk it just seems like he deserves to be put in his place...
  19. Listen to SD stonerz, we know whats up on the left coast
  20. 'good friends don't pass a bag and just keep walking. Kick your own ass. Then kick it again for this stupid thread.

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