should i just forget about her??

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  1. ok kind of a long read but i appreciate any help

    I met this girl on the last day of school of 7th grade year when i saw her she was seriously the most beautiful girl ive seen(shes a model now)anyways that day i told myself she would be mine I got on the bus and didnt see her untill the next school year eventually i work up the courage to let her know how i feel luckily she feels the same we hungout alot she was cool as fuck we would just walk around the city for hours talking about anything.We were together untill 9th grade and she brokeup with me(we used to breakup and get back together all the time u know kid shit) well this time was final i ended up getting expelled and living on the streets hustling thats awhole nother forward about 6years i make a facebook and end up seeing her on there i sent her a request she accepted i sent a message saying hey how have you been no reply.that was about 2months ago i havent said anything else should i just leave it be or what? I dont want to seem like some stalker from middle/high school i just cant help but feel like i still want to be with her like 1 more try even all these years later actually ive decided fuck it that ship has sailed but sence i took the time writing this im gonna post anyway:smoke:
  2. That boat left dock awhile ago....

    Then went down off the coast of Barbados.

    No survivors...
  3. Just drop it. There are better women out there, no need to go after some girl from gr 7.
  4. No reply?

    I imagine she isn't interested.

    Fuck it though,
    you have nothing to lose. Give it another go and if you get rejected again at least you made the effort. No regrets man.
  5. Savor the memories, probably ruin it if you saw each other...

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