Should I jam with this dude now?

Discussion in 'General' started by skatealex2, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. i am in contact with a local musician that i met through craigslist and i am high as fuck right now, i'm invited to jam

    i feel too high to socialize and i don't know if this dudes a stoner :confused:

    what do u think blades?

    im also waiting to watch the true blood finale, mad lazy :mad:
  2. if u can jam when ur high. then do it.

  3. this^ might have a hell of a collabo
  4. what kinda musician is against weed? lol
  5. I don't know for sure, man. If he's a musician there's a good chance he may blaze as well. That's just scienctific fact that us musicians tend to blze more than average folk.

    What instrument do you & that dude play?
  6. i think he plays guitar and i can do guitar or bass
  7. I'd do it. I've jammed with a bunch of people while I was high, and 80% of the time they blaze too. And if they're in the other 20%, they don't bitch about it. Collabos are about the music, and I've always found I play better when I'm high anyways.
  8. i think ill go for a jam. thnks for th advice. just ate some kratom ;[]
  9. he might drug you, and stick guitar picks up your ass for his own twisted pleasure
  10. ^i hope he didnt shoot himself in the stomach, because that's just inefficient
  11. Have fun and go jam with the dude. I always get a more tuned into my playing when I'm high. Makes it more fun and less repetitive.

    It looks like that dude was jackin' it then someone burst into the room, so he shot the guy but got killed himself. It looks like he's still standing at attention, you know?
  12. If your anxious just pop some adderall and make some awesome music.
  13. i just popped some kRaToM, similar to opiates but legal!

    i think the firecracker i ate a couple hours back is still in flOw
  14. Never tried that, is it good?
    Usually opies and addy cure my anxiety , so good on ya.
  15. easily my favorite legal drug after cannabis
  16. guess the dude's sleeping. didn't answer my text, but it is 12am so thats c00l

  17. buzzkill lol

  18. [​IMG]

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