Should i invest in a dugout?

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  1. Hey I have a few pieces but I have been looking at some dug outs, and they look pretty useful for on the go, does anyone have experience with these and could tell me how they are?

    I have a handful of smoking devices, like I enjoy collecting them (have a pipe that has three bowls on it :D) I like the novelty of certain items.
  2. dugouts are usually around 20 buck's so I wound'nt call it an investment. I do think you should get one they really come in handy and the help you conserve weed.
  3. The ones at my lhs come with a one hitter that looks like a cig, and an Empty compartment for holding your herb of choice I assume, I have never had a one hitter/chillum, are they good? To me it seems as though the weed could fall out of the bowl easily.
  4. Ive got a personal chillum , only about an inch and half in length and the bowl is fairly large, usually get 4-5 solid hits on it. Cost me $15, personal pieces are always worth it. Discreet and perfect for toking by yourself and conserving weed.
  5. For personal use I use my bubbler :) but that isn't as secretive since it's kinda a pain to fill all three chambers with water or empty them lol
  6. I love my dugout. I fill it with leftovers of what i break up to roll/smoke so it's always packed with enough.

    A few tips.

    Quartz bats are cool, but have small holes and packing area so you get a smaller hit and it drags like a bitch and they break super easily.

    The stock metal bat that comes with them is usually the best, and the after market spring loaded ones are all garbage.

    When you get really good with it you will be able to get two nice green hits off one dense pack.
  7. I personally hate dugouts.... Save up some more cash and get a magic flight launch box.
  8. Dude, you need to look up the all in one. Its got the one hitter, compartment for buds, compartment for ground material, grinder, and poker/cleaner for the one hitter. Its a 3 inch metal tube.
  9. Lmao invest like its a big purchase lol
  10. i love mine. its nice to be able to take a little hit once in a while, anywhere you want. whats better is those mouth freshener things that get you high.
  11. one hitters are very worth it if u smoke on good shit, i can smoke 3 one hitters and im like really buzzed and i smoke 5-7 and im high. you need a grinder though if you're using one hitters, so you can pack the one hitter easily with really grinded up bud. and i nyself do not have a dugout but my friend does and ive used it with him, and if u are like driving on the go or going for a walk or something dugouts are totally worth it.
  12. Definitely go with this option. The Allin1e is only 40 bucks and comes with a grinder, small poker, a spot for a mini bic, and the tube it self is smell proof! plus it comes with the glass bat which is great because the metal ones taste like shit. I love mine, the Allin1e is the best dugout in my opinion.

    Even if you don't go with the allin1e, dugouts are great. They are super stealthy, convenient (for solo smokin) and help keep your tolerance low. Whatever one you go with I doubt you will regret it.

    ..I could go on for days on how much I love these devices haha :D
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    I have one of these, it's garbage. Stay away from this model. The dugout hole where you keep your ground bud is too deep for the standard length of the small bat which is just a standard size small one. This makes it a pain in the ass to pack quickly and stealthily.

    I use my large size wooden $8 dugout with a metal bat. It's quick and easy, and hits like a champ.

    The quartz bats have a very shallow tip and pack half the bud the metal ones do per hit, and the barrel or whatever you call it is really narrow. Metal bats hit much harder and if you clean em weekly they taste fine.
  14. Well first you gotta ask yourself, is it the right time for such an invesetment? Do you have all the funds set aside? If you buy it, can bills still be paid? These are all things to ask yourself with such am investment.
  15. It sounds like your using the wrong section to store your bud in.. the deep hole is for your lighter hahah. Your stash goes into the bottom container lol.
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    hey i have the same acrylic version that you posted.

    i absolutely love mine. the magnetic top keeps its closed no matter how far you drop it from..and the poker in the bottom is key.

    i got mine for 20 at my lhs and it came with a metal bat/cig. I also have another dugout that is Grateful Dead flavored but its round and with a round dugout comes a round bottom.

    a round bottom doesn't let you pack it as well as opposed to the square bottom.



    a tapered bottom is much harder to get a pack out of than a square bottom because the cig wont pack the bud that is condensed on the side.

    go with a rectangular one. you wont be disappointed. i have a vape and pipes and bubblers but i still grind up all my weed and put it in my dugout to conserve.

  17. Wait, so you mean every stoner DOESN'T own a dugout? In my eyes it is practically a necessity if you live anywhere near people. By far the easiest way to sneak a toke in.
  18. Yes, invest in a dugout.

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