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Should I/How should I Quit?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rileyyyyyyyyyyy, May 11, 2010.

  1. smoke a blunt
  2. Dont smoke this shit man. If u gotta quit for school and sports dont smoke something thats gonna fuck u up worse that weed

    If ur worried about getting caught....just keep it discreet. Dont flaunt ur usage and u should be fine.
  3. Nah, people who blame weed for messing up their life are just irresponsible kids.

    As for you OP, if you feel like you can't handle your shit when you smoke, or are being negatively effected, or will get busted, stop. Your life is more important than the green, but as someone who smoked and did many other mind-expanding drugs (in moderation of course) all through his High School years with good grades and solid and sometimes even laudable performance, I see no reason to quit.

    I smoked in freshman year but started blazing a ton my sophomore-senior years. 5-6 times a day every day, but I didn't let it fuck up my training, my studying, or my social or job life (maintained the same job that I started out with in summer of sophomore year throughout high school). I found that weed kept me clear-headed and motivated, made me sort things in my life out that I didn't want to think about, and especially was beneficial to me as a way to alleviate depression, stress and anxiety, muscle pains from sports, sleep issues, ADHD, and eating properly while on damaging stimulants as medication.

    Find out what areas of your life weed can improve, and the correct dosage that suits your need the best. Past that, do what feels right, if smoking seems to affect your life negatively and jeopardize your (hopefully) up-coming football career, then by all means, put that bong down. (P.S don't smoke blunts, as an athlete, any tobacco product is a huge no-no)
  4. You must be a junior in high school if you're just looking at colleges. I suggest you finish your school year off sober and enjoy your summer while also staying in shape for football. Next year you'll have to keep at it until you're accepted somewhere and then you can start back up. If football is your passion though and you want to do that then your time and effort should be put towards that. It sounds like you have a gift you shouldn't waste. Good luck with everything.
  5. If you ever think you should seriously stop/change your habits, you probably should. The first instinct is the best, and as long as weed doesn't get in the way of your life then i say keep on blazin! :smoking:
    but if it seriously impairs your athleticism and you're legitimately concerned then you should prolly stop :eek:
  6. i am a wrestler and i quit for the 6 months during season. weed is my love but shit it will always be there and football and college wont be
  7. Just stay safe and don't get caught.
  8. Cannabis like anything else is a tool. To be used. For good or ill. Cannabis can't mess up your life. YOU mess up your life. Cannabis is just a symptom of a much larger issue that isn't being addressed.

    Substance abuse isn't about the substance you're abusing folks. it's about trying to fix a psychological problem on your own with anything handy. The duct tape of the mental illness world.
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    Quit... I lost 4 years because I thought I was missing out on getting high with friends or missing fun if i didn't smoke. It took over my life and I was in denial till last week.

    It starts something like this:

    1) oooh its a party(or an event)!!!! you smoke peoples pot and get high and love it.
    2) its summer time Ill want to smoke more often and I dont want to look for pot so you buy pot.
    3) you only smoke in the weekends being responsible and all
    4) it starts to get incorporated on weekdays on occasion and suddenly you smoke all weekdays cuz its just that good. (this is when you start experiencing short term memory loss(its temporary till you quit))
    5) you smoke 1-3 time(s) a day
    6) this is the day you lost all motivation and get the fuck it syndrome and say wtf is the point in doing anything and when you get bored you smoke cuz everything is all good when your high.

    However, I can tell you weed changed me to become a better person in life so I found it productive and it brought me to some realizations. I will go back to it one day when I am financially independent and I have no worries and proceed with caution with it. Just like anything it can be abused (like food). There's one condition I will ALWAYS ALWAYS SMOKE UP in a concert.

    you know what the sad part of the story is... i spent around 400 dollars on new pot gear. I bought a helix 3 in 1 pipe and a titanium space case grinder. Plus 5 months before that I bought a volcano vaporizor for 800 dollars. Im washing and putting everything aside so one day I will enjoy pot again with a new lifestyle.

    Finally, if you think you can handle it without it consuming your lifestyle take a look at my blog for some insight.
  10. school should be your number one priority (sounds like it already is)
    weed should be your last priority.
  11. quit for a while then see how you feel about it.

    if your worried about getting caught, thats understandable. It's best not to smoke until your done with school, have a decent job and your own place anyways. you won't be so worried about getting busted then.

    who knows, it might be legal by time your settled down.
  12. yes quit.
    something like football is more imprtant than smoking weed for fun, especially if u think football can take u somewhere.
    if u keep smoking, theres a chance u will want it more and more and be lazy more and more and wont be 100% on game day.
  13. Quit, simple as that. that sweet seductive girl Maryjane will always be around but this opportunity wont.
    quit man, its for the best
  14. Anyone see arnold swarzenwhatever after he won Mr. universe fuker sat down got ripped.Now he's the governator.I'd say you already made your choice .
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    I really have no idea what you are talking about in half of this. Short term memory loss is only while you are high 2-3 hours after you smoke you can remember everything normally and I personally don't even get short term memory loss when I am high.

    Fuck it syndrome? Really? I smoked first thing in the morning when i woke up went and worked an 8 hour shift came home and stayed high the rest of the day and still got all of my shit done. If you say fuck it and get high it's because you didn't want to do it not because weed is demotivating you. All it takes is a little will power. I kept a clean house paid all of my bills got everything done that needed to be done all while high. Now that i'm sober (got offered a better job that drug tests. As i have stated in my previous posts) nothing has changed besides i'm not high and it's a little harder for me to fall asleep (I have always had trouble getting to sleep weed seems to help)

    Weed does not cause problems in peoples lives, you cause these problems yourself and blame it on weed.
  16. Welll, let me tell you, I've been smoking forever and T-breaks are a part of the game. When you go to college, you think the brothers aren't gonna smoke? Almost all the brothers on my team smoked blunts all day every day (guess who rolled with them? :smoking: , but that's taking a gamble. The NCAA drug tests, randomly, but that's it. Some of the top athletes in the world blow down, as do some of the most successful individuals in the world. My buddy goes to a Big Ten school, and balls, and smokes K2 and other legals. There will be a lot of dudes who still smoke, no matter where you go. They don't really make too big a deal about failing for bud though.

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