Should I help me friend

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  1. One of my closest friends has been smoking cigarettes since we were 14. A pack will usually last him 1-2days he told me. I went over to his house this mourning to chill and smoke some buddha. He told me that he quit smokes and I was pretty happy for him. About a half hour ago he came over and pulls out a stogie! Haha I started laughing and asked him why he bought another pack and he said that he doesnt give a fuck and they make him happy. Hes kinda of the border line of quitting so hes not totally close-minded about it as a lot of people I know. I do smoke some once in a while maybe after a good session but not chain smoking. A pack would last me a week probably. Anyways should I convince to just stop smoking cigarettes so much while I can?
  2. Ya man i would definatly tell him he should stop. There so many chems in it and they will evuantually fuck him up
  3. unfortantly he will not quit even if you try, the only way he will is if a girl gets him to atleast in my experince. But don't be to worried i guess you guys are under 25 so he still will probley quit but smoking won't start to do the cancer thing usally until you been smoking 25 years +. I say try and let him do his thang until you feel like you really need to step in and when you do don't be like a intervention
  4. ya u should, and why would u smoke cigs all the time if u got weed and anyway tobaco is adctve
  5. no, do not convince him to quit. let the man do his own thing, he's an adult and therefore knows the risks of his actions.
  6. You can tell him you think he should stop but if all you do is tell him over and over its just wind up pissin him off to the point of ignoring you

    His life isnt a videogame and you dont hold the controller.

    Its like if someone everyday told you they think you should quit smoking weed cause its bad for you and costs money. If everytime your around them they make a point to get you to stop smoking weed then eventually your just back off from them completely

    That goes with everything from people with gambling problems to crackheads. Cigarettes are no different

    Its also just annoying when people tell you shit over and over about what you do to yourself when your clearly able to decide for yourself what you wanna do
  7. By judging soley on the title, the answer is yes, you should always help a friend

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