Should i have a pump running in my water?

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  1. So I'm using tap water and I let it sit out for 24 hours before I let it sit in gallon jugs now I'm letting it sit in a big tote so I don't have to fill up gallon jugs daily, my question is should I have a pump or something bubbling in the tote since its sitting for days before its used? If so what kind of pump? Just an aquarium pump?
  2. You probly don't have to if your going to use it within 24 hours. But it certainly wouldn't hurt to throw a air stone in there!

    If anything, it will help dissipate the chlorine in your tap water and help increase the total amount of dissolved oxygen in your water!
  3. Circulation's always good.
  4. thanks guys I figured it would be a good thing. Just didn't want to waste $ if it wouldn't help. Should I just use a aquirium pump with a air stone?
  5. Yeah, just get a cheap-o though. No need to go all out.
  6. Plenty of answers to this, all opinion. Some with good logic, some without.

    First thing I'll point out...the chlorine removal liquids used for aquarium water for aquariums with fish and live plants work just fine for adding water to the tank directly, without harming or stressing either the fish or plants.

    So no need for a 24 hour wait.

    Second...while oxygenating the water is a good thing...even necessary for hydro growth...that's eaxacty what you're doing when you pour it from the container into the soil. Plus the soil has O2 suspended in it, anyhow.

    Otherwise rain wouldn't help plants properly, since the rain itself is NOT oxygenated (I know, this doesn't click, unless you've actually seen tests done, after all, it FELL through AIR, right?). It's the impact of rain on water, creating splashes that draw air into water that causes rain to oxygenate a lake or similar.

    Third, open your water container to let fresh air in, close it, shake vigorously, repeat, and you are oxygenating your water. Do this 3 or 4 times, it's more than sufficient for water to use on your plants (try it in a milk jug, you'll see the bubbles forming to rise back out where you just OVERoxygenated your "flat" water).

    Those are simple points/fixes.

    That said...still won't hurt anything if you toss in an air stone and a tiny aquarium pump to power it. Just isn't any great advantage.
  7. I can't shake a 10 gallon tote full of water vigorously hahaha I bought a pump. Only 15$ for the pump stone and tubing
  8. <gin>
    10 gallons of water's just 80 pounds. If I can still manage it, so can you (well, maybe I have an advantage since anything I touch gets shaken to some extent).

    But point taken. And as I said, the air stone certainly doesn't hurt, just not a necessity.

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