Should I have a fan on these?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by savemeabite138, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. I bought a small desktop fan for these plants today and I currently have it on a low setting pointing at my plants. How long should I keep the fan on each day? 20190630_225119.jpg

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  2. I keep mine running 24/7 from seedling to get good air circulation and no hot spots in the grow box itself.

    I prefer the leaves and stems to be moving lightly than them just being blown around so I don't point the fans directly at the plant but rather have them push the air around it.

    If you're running one, try getting it to blow over the canopy so all the plants get fresh air. [​IMG]

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  3. Yes

    Edit: they need a fan to strengthen the stems as well as circulation.

    Edit again: revolving fan for their lifetime
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  4. I agree with this... It proved true for my grow as I did have other pc fans before I bought these that I was able to place pretty close to the plants due to its low output. It helped the seedlings strengthen up a lot

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  5. Should the fan be actually blowing on them if at a close distance, or should it be blowing "indirectly", like at a corner/wall so the air bounces around the plants?

    @mollyjamila what you said.
  6. If it doesn't seem to be pushing the plants over, you can face the fan onto them, it will help with stronger stem development as mollyjamila stated

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  7. Cool. Good to know if I ever attempt an indoor grow.
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  8. Do a search for wind burn on cannabis, then you'll notice if your fans are too strong.

    I had wind burn on a few buds on my plant and it looked a bit similar to nitrogen toxicity, so it will save you from misdiagnosing your plant as well.

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  9. What kind of light do you have in that box
  10. Did you quote the right reply?

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  11. I agree with the light breeze accross canopy or indirect wind 24/7. Im about to start experimenting with home made activated carbon filters for smell.

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