Should I harvest?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by manimanu, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. This is my other plants tricomes I was wondering I should harvest or not thanks!

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  2. I see a bunch of amber but you really need to be looking at the calyxes themselves. Do you have another picture?
  3. Does this pic help ?

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  4. How far into flower are you? A pic of the entire plant would be nice. I’m sure your trichomes are ready to go. The trichomes on the sugar leaves tend to amber faster than the trichomes on the calyxes themselves.
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  5. Not a bad colour distribution.
    I'd say maybe either feed it just once more, or start flushing at this point.
    After the flush, give it a week left in its medium, let it suck up what it can...when the leaves start to show signs of thirst/starvation for a couple days, then pull it up.
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  6. I’m about 5 weeks in but it’s a mini plant it’s skywalker og and ok I gotcha

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  7. Thank you and I haven’t fed it anything just been giving it tap water !
  8. Mow
    most of it’s leaves have fallen off it’s a mini
  9. well if you aren’t feeding just keep watering her when she’s dry and give it another couple weeks. try and get those buds to fatten up a little more. Keep checking your trichs and let those pistils turn
  10. What made you decide to do a mini grow? I’ve done one before myself
  11. Ok cool I will
  12. Just wanted to see if I could grow tree or not lol I want to grow some big boys now. What made you do minis?
  13. Gotcha. I had an extra seed And just added it into my grow. I didn’t get as much bud as you though, mine was really small. Got maybe 3-4 grams off it lmao. I’m sure it will be some good smoke , I’ve been wanting to grow that strain for a while. I Just finished growing a Girl Scout cookies.
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  14. I feel it lol and I’m surprised mine is going good it’s so tiny lol and I’m always down to send you seeds I got tons of them from the weed I picked up and that’s dope how’d it smoke ? That’s one of my fav strains.
  15. Check the buds not the leaves. We're after the bud and trim the leaves so check the bud

    By the looks of the full plant pic you have a long ways to go
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