Should I harvest? PLEASE HELP ME

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  1. Hello everyone! I have 2 critical purple auto flowers that still need to be harvested. Using from the trichomes I was going to harvest in about a week. Unfortunately we have not had power for about 24 hours and we don’t expect to get it back for at least a few days due to our storm. I can’t move the plants from the tent because of neighbors and it’s not exactly legal here so they are going to stay in darkness. I’m wondering if I should just harvest them now? Some trichomes have started getting more milky but a lot are still more clear... what would you do?! It’s very hott in our house (85 degrees) so I am thinking I should just crop them and quit while I’m ahead. I really don’t want mold. Please help!!!

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  2. that looks finished and ready to chop imo. especially the second pic
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  3. Yeah the second plant seems further along even though they were planted at the same time. Thanks for your advice!
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  4. That sucks, sorry to hear about your situation.

    spiral out, keep going
  5. Yeah I’d harvest now and save yourself the headache.
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