Should I harvest now?

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  1. Hey there guys so I am about 7 weeks into flower and about 80% of hairs on most buds are full brown, so should I harvest or give her just one more week like I originally planned then cut her down. As for trichs I only have a 10x magnifying and a supposedly 40x magnify but the 40x was a waste of 4 dollars it sucks dick, but it appears to be most are cloudy if I know what I am looking for, it is a first time grow. Last time I watered with nutes was 4 days ago.
  2. Hey man, it never hurts to go a bit longer. Especially since you were planning on it. It's better to pick a day or two late than a week early!! = ) got any pics by chance...?!
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    If say 80% trichs are cloudy/milky id say harvest and most of the time when hairs have turned orange thats a good indicator most trichs are milky never harvest when most are amber i believed this before but harvesting when trichs are amber actually means thc has degraded and its basically ruined your bud you will only get a sleepy lethargic drowsy high that people mistake for couchlock most people who say amber will give you a couchlock stone have never actually experienced a true couchlock so they call that sleepy lethargic drowsy shit high couchlock when its not ... to get a true couchlock you havee to harvest a strain high in cbd when trichs are milky. true couchlock feels like your melting into the couch you feel like your stuck/ glued to the couch like your connected to it feels extremely good. literally locked to it.
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    Hey man! of course I can get you guys some pics of her she is a strain called OG KUSH I started out my first grow with a clone about 1 foot tall and she is currently only 1'6". I have her primarily outdoors, she has a light cycle from 6am-9am of the grow box I made for her then 9am-3pm of sunlight, and then 3-6 of grow box. Reason for this is weather isn't great right now, lower energy costs, and get her some sun!! On days when it rained she was in there full 12hrs. The pictures are best I can do!


  5. It's a first time grow so I hope I cure her well enough to were she will couchlock me like the real stuff! I just wish I can look closer into the trichs otherwise I can barely see anything with this magnifying glass :(
  6. Bravo sir! That's a pretty girl you got there!! Keep up the good thumb!!

  7. aww shucks man thanks really, that means a lot! Whenever I post on here people usually never tell me how I'm doing! That gives me some hope! I took the time to get a good picture of the buds, hopefully it's sufficient!

  8. Buds seem to be alittle small that's just my op

  9. as they should be, as I stated above she only was one foot tall when I put her into flower, so she really is a bush of a plant. Expecting less then an ounce from her!
  10. Mine was only 12 in too and my buds are triple that size. Both m plants buds are
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    Wow wee
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  13. She looks a little purple. is the temperature at night dropping below 60? She may be forcing herself to mature too quick if it is cold. But she looks good. Also, the trichs will continue to turn amber even after it is pulled until it has dryer out. I would go another 7-10 days at most. I usually go 60 days after she shows the pistols. It looks more indica, so that would be a basic guideline. Go to RadioShack. They have those $10 100x lighted scopes. You can see the trichs real good with it. Party on my friend!

  14. it's my first grow bud, I'm happy with it

  15. Yeah I do see a difference, genetics, and lights.

  16. Thanks man! Yeah she really has been stressed this poor little girl, the weather is fluctuating all over the place for her, and the temps are going below 60 so I can agree with your forcing to mature part! Thanks man she is my first girl and I really am trying my best, next year I wont wait til so late in the season, ill start her from seed too!
  17. Fuk chep mate,always gunna b haters n people that hate emself so much that they try put people down,its ur first grow n u gotta start somewhere,one of the fun things about growing is the whole trial n error,im sure next season wil b even better for you,take it easy mate ;)

  18. Yeah man! I totally agree! I mean I started really late in the season also so she really didn't get her max potential to grow! This season will be so good, got some nice fresh seeds, got a greenhouse going, and it'll definitely turn it much better.

    UPDATE: Cut plant down, she is currently curing, and I sampled her today and she is GREAT!!! Only thing is very low yields, but again next season I'll come backs stronger!
  19. Yea curing makes all the diference mate ;) yea youl b fine,each season just gets better n better,what part of the world u from?

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