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Should I harvest my weed? (Pics)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dreyday, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. 71BF9B33-0AC5-4916-B665-3042864FC939.jpeg Okay guys so I need help deciding if I should harvest or keep flowering my plant. This is my first grow ever and I grew with out nutrients I just used plain water bottle water. Most leaves are dried up and I keep falling off, I don’t have a microscope so maybe u guys can help me decide. I started about March 7 as a seedling and flowering at June 24 today is August 28

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  2. You could let it go a little longer but I don't think it would be worth much. I'd say hack in down whenever you want man, looks like some fire bud
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  3. That's going to be fun
  4. So you legit just fed it water eh?
    I take it that's potting mix with feed in it right?
    What light did you use?

    I mean I doubt with leaves looking like that they're going to do a hell of a lot more absorption of light...I mean...correct me if I'm wrong, anyone...but I recall hearing that the plant might go into some kind of survival mode and kind of absorb the goodness outta the leaves...might kind of do a last ditch attempt to live type thing and you might get a little bit more swell? I wouldn't say much, but might be worth it given you're not looking at a huge pull there. I *think* if you were going to do'd wanna turn the lights off now?
  5. Oh...and nicely done, all the same. Looks of quality.
  6. I would chopp it, I can't imagine you'll get much more swelling. Here's my first grow. She's in week 5 right now.
  7. Week 5 strain blue steel

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  8. 1566998941159537962251.jpg
  9. Here are my clones

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