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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bobson, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. I am considering growing with my friend in his closet. We would like to plant 4 plants in there. We would buy a 400W light for 400 from someone who bought it for 600. I leave for college in a year. Could we make a profit? How much money could a single plant make for us? How long does it take for one plant to be "done".
  2. Don´t expect to get rich quick.
  3. my advice is to never let anyone know that you're growing, and that includes a partner. if he blabs his mouth off when he is drunk one day, you could wind up with some feds or thieves busting down your door to get to your crop.

    4 plants under 400w for a 1st time grow, I would expect maybe 8oz of weed. street value of a good oz for quick profit would be $250 maybe. gives ya about 2000 bucks for your 3 months+ of hard work
  4. And 400 bucks is way high for a 400w. 600? My ass.
  5. You'll be lucky to pay for expencese your first grow.
  6. nope dont buy that light way to much money rip off... what you should do is invest in a
    METAL HALIDE bulb or a SODIUM BULB they are the best for your crop and they cost less brand new(depending on wattage)
  7. Where could I get an affordable light? I tried Lowe's and they don't seem to have anything.
  8. htg supply, I got my 400w switchable for like 200$ plus they got the best customer service out there.

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