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Should I go to school high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rhilo, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I've got a low tolerance, I'm goofy as fuck when I'm high.. I was thinking about doin' a wake and bake, then going to school baked. Tell me if I should or not, and / or my limit on how much I should smoke. I don't wanna get caught, and I want to know how to keep people from finding out. Sorry if this is too much guys. :smoke:
  2. only do it if you can keep your grades up and not turn into a fuck up haha but yes in my opinion being high at school is awesome
  3. Stoners will probably know at school if they see you because you're inexperienced. But you can just say that you didn't get any sleep if anyone asks about your eyes or something.

    Im passin all my classes with flyin colours, and eryday im high as a mafucka.

  4. Naw, it's a one-time thing. Just wanna try it.
  5. If i were to show up to school high. I would make sure that I would smoke THEN shower. Eyedrops, teeth brushed, then cologne. Also no one will know your high unless you tell someone. Just be chill man.
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    I go to college high all the time. Don't see the problem?

    EDIT: It's because nobody gives a fuck in college [​IMG]
  7. I remeber showing up to wood shop on the first day of school stoned as fuck first thing in the teacher said it looks like she could go skating on my eyes. only if you have chill teachers that dont care.
  8. If you need to plan for it and post a thread about it then probably no
  9. i smoke before i school. i eat brownies at school. stay high. stay low.
  10. If you need other people to tell you whether or not you should smoke and go to school, then no, you shouldn't smoke and go to school.
  11. Just go man! Be goofy! I go places high and I'm just a straight goon! Go dawg
  12. Only if you are chill about it. I see shit like its a flip book when I'm high and can only focus on one thing at a time. So listening and taking notes would pose a problem :p
  13. just use eyedrops and dont geek and you'll be fine
  14. I went to all three of my summer school classes high every day, except test days ofc. As long as you can hold your own np, then you should be need to risk shit tho, couple times I was blazed out of my mind and it was hard, but fun :D
  15. Get stupid high and go.

    Go big or stay home!
  16. Do it before a day that you know that nothing is going to happen for the first three periods. Then see how you are.
  17. I used to smoke a whole blunt with my friend before I got on the bus everytime we had some extra time before school and would be soo damn high at school but still did good on my work I'd do it.
  18. I go to school high almost everyday. Just don't get super fucked up unless you can handle it and put in eye drops BEFORE you smoke. Never had red eyes when I put em in before
  19. I've done it before. No teachers mentioned anything, but friends of mine noticed immediately, as my eyes were red as fuck. As long as your eyes aren't super noticeable and you don't act like a total moron you'll be fine. Other stoners/students that have gotten high will probably be able to tell but that's not a big deal as long as they don't mention it to teachers or anything.
  20. wake and bake. then take a shower and get ready and head to school....after that try smoking after the shower....and eyedrops and some gum.

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