should I go to bonnaroo this year

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by peachcigar, May 27, 2009.

  1. I went last year and loved it me and my buddy snuck in I live about a hour and a half away but this year I dont know if I will be able to attend since I have court for theft june 11 and then I wont have a ride so I will have to pay someone to drop me off bymyself to sneek in cause I dont have a ticket but I will have a couple hun on me for psycs when I get in but I can get acid and shit were I am now so should I risk it bymyelf
  2. Man, I want to go, but $450 for me and my plus the bunches of other necessary expenses make it a no go. The line-up this year isn't even as good as last year's.
  3. i live pretty close so i'm going to try and sneak in. i reallly want to see the late night phish set. rumor has it that it will be their second longest set ever. personally i'm using my "festival money" for All Good seeing as it's half the price and the lineup is even better in my opinion.

  4. do u want to meet and sneek in together? I snuck in last year and know how to really easy

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