Should i go party tonight

Discussion in 'General' started by sleepyhouse, May 29, 2009.

  1. ahah k well this is really random, but i just want opinions cause i really dont know what to do. this girl is having this party tonight and everyone from our school is going basically like all my friends and stuff, but im sick. i dont want to go sober cause that wont be any fun, everyone else will be drinking and stuff. should i go, because its basically the last big party of the year, and risk getting more sick. OR should i be smart and stay home tonight but miss out on a good time?

    help me outtt!
  2. there will be many more parties to come my friend
  3. Don't puss out, go to that party man!
  4. You should def. go out, I get really bad headaches and havnt drank in 3 weeks till im through with this medicine then i will continue to drink but over the last 3 weeks i have been going out all the time and dont drink and still have a good time, Be social hit on chics and roll a few joints that always helps
  5. for the record, im a girl so i guess ill be hitting on some guys ahha ;)

    buuut yeah, thanks for helpin me out guys.
    im getting ready to go out, and if i decide not to go out i wont, but as of rgiht now i am going to that party, ill just have to make up for it in the morning :D
  6. Dude, go! You won't want to miss out!
  7. Are you really going to listen to any answers on here? I think you already know what your going to do.

    Personally i would dose up on paracetamols and lemsips and go get hammered at the party.
  8. 90% of the time I'd say you should go, unless you're sick as can be, throwing shit up.
  9. take some dayquil, smoke a j, and go.

    It will suck hearing stories about a party that you missed, just suck it up. You can always ride out if you starting feeling like complete shit.
  10. yeah well actually i was ready to put on my pjs and go watch tv and crash, but after reading like 2 comments i was like.. fuck, im partying ahha
    but yeah, thanks guyssssssss ;)
    PARTY HARDYYY ~* haa
  11. Hell yeah bro. Just don't drive drunk. We all expect an update on the party in the morning.

    Have fun :smoke:
  12. I'm debating whether I should go party as well.

    In your case... you could party, but you may pay for it.

    I personally would go, unless I was puking everywhere beforehand.
  13. Hey bro, since this was posted last night, I assume you went to the party.

    Mind postin an update so we know you got home safe and didn't die?:D
  14. hahah aw thanks for caring!
    yeah i got home safe and sound, thanks
    i am so much more sick now, but it was worth it
    i felt amazing for the little while i was there
    i did however get my drink spilled allll over me which kinda sucked
    but you knoww, its alll good
  15. i have nothing to add
  16. Go, but make sure you have a decent way of getting home incase you do feel really really ill.
  17. well if your at home and everytime you move you ache stay home. if you just have a cold go i'd say.

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