Should I go light up tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by malihide, May 28, 2009.

  1. I'm just a little reluctant after last time when it left me depressed for a week and the high kept coming back (even almost a month after). I think my mistake last time was getting an indica (I'm fairly sure I got one, at least; I got major couchlock that turned into a pleasant tickle later on and I didn't get giddy or anything) so if it's a sativa I'll probably do it. Should I, though? I still don't feel 100% yet. Anyways, it won't cost me anything 'cause my friends bought it. You guys tell me if I should or not O.O
  2. dude, its weed. SMOKE THAT SHIT!
  3. The last time was probably just a fluke experience. Weed is always better when it's free.
  4. haha, I know, but I didn't like my >>really bad<< incident over a month ago (see my other post) and it left me depressed and sick and scared last time (almost a month ago) and I just wanna know if I should smoke it if it's a sativa. I'm pretty sure the first time I toked up it was a sativa 'cause I got really giddy but not confused and depersonalized and numb and anxious like the last few times (although I DID get excited for no reason, but that has happened every time now) Anyways yeah I don't see where I'm going with this... the weed has hightened my ADHD muahehea bouncin off the walls pretending to be gay to scare little kids wheafwfb sorry I'll stop
  5. youre clearly not old enough to be posting here...
  6. Thanks, I try to stay young.

  7. Woop woop, age police.

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