Should i go back?

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  1. Ok so today me and 2 friends David and Alex went to a abandon house (well it was for sale and it's been for sale for 1 year now) I know the kid who owned the house before it was for sale.

    But anywyas here's what happened.

    Me and Alex went to his shed at the back if he house and so where there and were waiting for David to come. He gets here and we smoke 2 bowls out of a pipe and this thick ass joint and another smaller and just as my friend finishes taking a hit he looks. Outside and throws the joint at me and says there's people
  2. Grr no idea what happened I'm typing this on my iPod and it just finished by it for some reason I thing I hit send. Anywyas

    There were people and they start walking up the driveway so me and Alex start grabbing everything and hiding everyhig. I started rubbing the joint against the wall. Theb we we went into the corner and saw them pass and at this pout we were all tripping balls.

    So the people walk by and keep looking at the back yard( it's a big backyard) so when they t far enough we open the door and run it leaving behind the weed and myfriends sweater because it was on the othe side of the shed. S we start rung and turn the corner and stop we start to walk back after my friend realize hedidnt had his sweater. So we go back and the people re leaving so we go back into he she to get his sweate and it wasn't here it was folded up on the back porch and my weed was gone so we think they took it cause the shed danked of weed.

    Anywys do you guys bunk I should go back?

  3. No lol?
  4. Go back. No weed left behind
  5. Nah it's already gone we went back to searchbut it wasn't there we searched the whole shed and nothing
  6. then find a new spot to sesh.
  7. We partied in an abandoned house for a whole summer, until the neighbors called the cops and my friend saved us by being overly paranoid and running away 5 mins before they showed up :eek::eek:

    Rule of thumb; abandoned homes=great sesh spot=great reason for a cop to arrest you :hello:

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