Should I Go Back?

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  1. My friends and I got really high and went out for cigars in the center of a college town last night, and just walked around the main street where all the babes were. Since we were very high, we decided to go into this ice cream place we were passing by to get ice cream. I didn't realize it until I got to the register, but the girl that was taking my order was actually drop-dead gorgeous, probably because I was high and I refrain from making eye contact with people when I'm high, but I still acted very normal. 
    Right after I pay, she hands me the receipt and gives me this sexy, personal smile while almost biting her upper lip, and in a cheesing-like fashion, begins to look down and away while I look back smiling as well. As I'm walking out, I take a slight glance back, and as she was proceeding to take down the next order, who were a bunch of kids, she was looking at me still. Ever since I left that place I've been wanting to go back, I just don't know if it'd be appropriate if i do go back.
    I was planning on sliding a piece of paper with my name and number on it the next time I go in, but I don't wan't to leave the wrong impression, and if my gut is wrong about the way she felt about me, it could mean a possible rejection, and rejections suck. 
    Believe a fellow blade when I tell you one of the sexiest motion pictures I have ever experienced was this beautiful, seductive devil serving me mint and chocolate ice cream. 

    Go for it playa. theres nothing wrong with rejections...if anything rejections put an end to all of your "what ifs".
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  3. @[member="waysouth"] your sig is fucking hilarious
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  5. Do it. Rejection sucks but regret is worse. Man all the opportunities I had with hot girls that I let pass me by...I still kick myself in the ass for it.
  6. :wub:   Try starting with "Hello Sweetie, how are you this evening!"    Then,
    Apologize for not knowing her dating status and ask!   If she is available, then hand her your phone #, which you have already to give her and clearly, let her see, that is the only piece of paper in your shirt pocket!
    Good luck!   Nothing :cry:  ventured, is nothing gained! 
  7. go for it, the worst she can do is not call
  8. Guys, I have to say, tonight surprisingly took a completely new turn. Went to this random house party, got really close with an old friend( super hot btw) and we're already planning on hanging out agian. Im super drunk as I type this, but hopefully I can get lucky soon(as the song goes) with my birthday being in a month and all...She said she has reserved that day "just for me." Funny thing was, the group of friends I was with almost got kicked out because we didn't know the person throwing the house party lol but my friend came in and saved us. He was like "Yo, if you kick him out, you're gonna have to kick all of us out," and saved me. If only my fellow blades were there to see the booties on these babes... :hello:  :smoking:  :eek:  :metal:
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  9. Good job homie good for you!
  10. Why do you have my name?
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  11. Fuck her, in every hole.
  12. Those signals should give you the confidence to do it man! If it helps you feel better, go back alone and sober. If you do and it's busy, be assertive and tell her something like you don't want to get her in trouble for flirting at work so to just take your number and text you after.

    Don't take my advice word for word. Be yourself and add your style to it cause I don't want you to think hard about it and freak yourself out.

    Just remember to act on your first impulse because after that, it just gives your mind time to freak you out of it. So grab your nuts and walk through that door like a boss and make a move my friend. You'd have to be blind to not see that those signals were positive.
  13. I honestly didnt know anyone had this name...fuck.
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  14. I swear this guy thinks just like me on every thread :) 
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    We on that GMTA shit.
    OP good for you. now go out there and make us proud
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  16. go to her. looks like she wanted to lick your ice cream cone.
  17. that guy in your sig is a dumbass. he should not even ask that. wtf.
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