Should I give up on my grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Creed Bratton, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Some of you may have seen my desperate posts asking for help, and I've gotten nowhere. My plants are 2 months old, and about 3 inches tall. Should I give up? I mean honestly, I won't be able until like Halloween at this point, is it even worth it?
  2. Find out what's wrong with them otherwise the exact same thing will happen to your next plants. There's no point wasting seeds like that, clearly there's a reason your plants are so stunted
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  3. I know that, but I've tried everything. The pH is perfect, under a 400W MH, temps dont get above low 80s. 1/2 strength fox farms nutes. I mean. Last grow my problem was that my soil pH was too high (around 8), and the same thing happened to me this time except I forgot because my last grow was over a year ago. So for the first month and a half of these plants' lives they had too high pH,and the issue only got fixed a couple of weeks ago. They recovered from the pH problem, and now they're the size of 2 week old plants 2 weeks later.
  4. Just a quick glance over your posts "Is this a deficiency" and "how are my plants doing." and from the looks,all 4 are stretching too much, or too much for my liking anyway. I would definitely bring the lights closer.

    I was about to suggest feeding nutrients at at least 1/4 strength as the leaves look radioactive/bright green going yellow and losing colour but it looks like you've already moved up to half strength. To me they look hungry and starved, probably used most of their energy trying to reach for the light.

    If you have started feeding half strength then I would keep check on the tips of the leaves for any burning or crispy edges as they look a bit young/small to be feeding half strength, but I've never used fox farm nutes.

    Oh, and I would just slug it out till they show clear signs of dying or they recover. It is a weed afterall and they can take a beating. This will be a good opportunity to gain some experience for if a similar issue occurs again in future.
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  5. I can't figure this problem out on my own, and nobody on this forum has offered anything useful to me in 2 months, and I live in an illegal state, so it's not like there are real people near that I could talk to. Like what the fuck am I supposed to do.
  6. Thanks Z, but the 400 watter is only a couple feet away, and the heat from it is too intense to move it down anymore. I actually just tried moving the lamp higher to hopefully reduce the temps. That's about the only thing I haven't done.
  7. That is a good point, but I feel like I will only gain experience if I can solve the problem. If it happens again and I'm still clueless, then I'll be stuck here haha.
  8. Go to the fox farms website go to the store locator and I bet at least a few nurserys pop up... call ahead and ask if they carry fox farms soils because some stores will just sell the nutes or just quit and never updated... try to find ocean forest or happy frog... buy you 16quarts+ of perlite as well to mix with it... also with ocean forest and the correct transplants the plant won't need food until halfway into flower... happy frog isn't as strong so you can start feeding a couple weeks into flower with proper transplants.

    Also OP whenever you have a ph problem like that I always recommend just flushing the crap out of it with ph'd water... always helps any slacker plants that want to act up for some reason.

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  9. I have Kellogg's organic soil with 1/3 of the volume being added perlite. For my first grow I used pure sand out of my back yard and hat plant did better than these :/
  10. Yeah but I promise fox farms soil will work better than Kellogg's or sand.. course sand can be added in place of perlite for aeration but I just prefer perlite... but OP my plants always had problems until I went and bought quality soil from a nursery not what Home Depot or lowes carries...

    I can personally buy 3 cu. of happy frog for 20 bucks which is a lot of soil.... mix with 30-40% perlite to spread it out even more... that's enough soil to grow 4-8 plants to harvest depending on the container.
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  11. Have you got a fan that you could place on the ground blowing up towards the lights and pushing some of that hot air away? What sort of temperatures are you getting now? Because in one of your threads you said the highest was low 80's which is fine and shouldn't cause heat stress. It would show up with the leaves curling up at the sides like a canoe/taco anyway, or if the leaves stomatas were to close because of a sudden influx of too much heat then the leaves can show signs by curling under like an umbrella. Neither of which are showing in a concerning way.

    For the humidity, try getting a bucket of water and place it inside to increase humidity through the evaporation, or hang a soaked towel over a bucket.

    I would bring the light as close as possible and get a fan blowing up towards it if the temps are getting too much. Hang a soaked towel or add a bucket of water to try and aid with increasing humidity and lastly feed with quarter strength nutrients PH'd to 6.5 and let it dry.
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  12. That's good advice, But if I pH the water/nutes to 6.5, the soil and minerals in the water (comes from our well) buffer it back to 8.0, so I have to feed and water with ~5.5 pH for the runoff, and therefore soil pH to be 6.5. Might as well show you some updated pics. As far as a fan to blow on them, I don't have anything very strong right now. I'm not sure if a fan would help, because my exhaust fan pulls heat directly off the bulb, so all of the heat you feel under the light is from the energy in the photons, I'm not sure if a fan would cool that down too much.

    I'm very desperate and very close to giving up. I truley have no idea what to do and I wish I could take my plants to a garden center or some shit and let someone else screw around with them until they're better, then they can tell me what my stupid ass was doing wrong.
  13. Ah, the lights are at a good height where you have them now, the new growth is looking goodand heathy with a lot less spacing. The stem section beneath still looks flimsy though, might want to support the stems and then have a fan blowing over them to help build the strength up.

    About your water, I would mix your nutrients and PH at least 24 hours beforehand, and then measure the PH before you use it and adjust again if necessary. If the PH in your runoff is rising that could also be a sign that the plant is eating up the nutrients fast.

    The red stem towards the top could be early signs of phosphorous deficiency, but I think it's more likely to be caused by the heat swinging from 80's down to the 60's, though I wouldn't really worry about it too much unless it progresses further and starts showing as dark smoky spots on your leaves, in which case you need to increase phosphorous or make sure PH is in the right range for P intake (6.5-7.0).
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  14. I've never ph'd my runoff before I've never found a good reasoning to... but honestly I'd start over if I were you those plants are just to small... start over buy you some ocean forest don't feed anything at all for a at least a month or two... just water ph'd at around 6.0 in veg and 6.3 in flower. And just watch them grow... you really are overthinking this... look at people's journals you could follow their grows step by step and get the same results... you'll notice 90% of successful growers on grasscity do not recommend lowes or Home Depot for soil... there's a reason...

    I'm done though lol just my 2 cents... hope it works out growweedeasy is a good site to get you up and going in steps.

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  15. Thank you Z, I wish you would've been here earlier haha. I know I probably exaggerated a bit with my worry, because I know they are improving and things aren't as bad as they seem. But it's so discouraging to be spending so much time and money on electricity for 2 months with little to no results. I'm so far behind at his point I just feel hopeless and really stressed out about it. My girlfriend has depression and anxiety and pharmaceuticals only do a little bit, and if I can't do this right then she's going to suffer. Do you know what it's like to have that sort of pressure on you?
  16. I think the slow growth has been down to the low feeding earlier on, or PH has been swinging out of range so it wasn't able to feed properly back when you had the bright radioactive looking leaves. If they are auto's then I may be worried a bit, but I'm going to assume they are photos, in which case there is definitely no point starting over yet.

    In the wise words of the Steve Haines - "Pressure can turn shit into diamonds. It can also turn diamonds into dust too. What’s it going to be today people?"

    If you want to grow with a bit less stress in future, I would have a look at Mick's coco coir guide. He grows really beautiful plants with his setup and he's done a great detailed write up on it too.
  17. In the meantime start some new plants as well - it sure isn't gonna hurt anything. It could be me but are they overwatered?

    Get some different plants going now anyhow.

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  18. Well, thanks for your reassurance. I keep telling myself "They look like they're recovering, they should be better in no time." But I've said that to myself so many times now that I don't believe it anymore. That coco guide looks really nice. Sometime in the future when I'm not a broke ass college student and have a good job I'll be able to afford a good coco setup. But I have to go as cheap as possible right now. Jesus why can stuff go so wrong :(
  19. Coco bricks are nice and cheap, Maxibloom is a single fertiliser you can use throughout both vegetative and flower, it's cheap and saves mixing 2-3 different sets of fertilisers too. But just a thought anyway, want to get this run finished with what you have first!

    Just let it dry out properly to where the pots are noticeably lighter before next watering. Keep an eye on the PH of your feedings and try to get your water/nutes ready 24 hours beforehand to keep PH in check if it keeps swinging. If they are handling the 1/2 strength without any tips burning I'd keep with that rather than dropping to 1/4 strength, but if the tips start going brown/crispy over the next few days drop it down in strength till they grow a couple more nodes and the stems have more stability.

    I'd also focus on getting support to the stems and some air blowing on them, or when you transplant them bury the stems deep so only 1-2cm of the stem is above ground.
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  20. Thanks for everything Z. Your assurance is really calming. Yeah, I know coco bricks are cheap, I bought a 4 pack for my psilocybe cubensis mushrooms as a bulk substrate. I wish plants were as simple as fungi. Sterilize, inoculate, wait. No light, no nutes, no pH, spores are stupid easy to produce, no watering, no soil. God they're so simple D: (in theory at least, you just gotta make sure not to contaminate anything). Normally I wait until the cups are close to bone dry 1-2 inches down then water/feed whatever the schedule calls for. I do 1 watering between feedings. But when I repot, I'l think about burying them more and getting a fan to circulate air in the tent better.
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