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should i give it lights after i just planted the seeds???

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by lil'van, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. Should i give it light after i have just planted the seeds??
    What type of light is best for it??


  2. you should give yourself a chance to browse the forum to find the answer to the question you seek. basic questions that are easily findable usually get you more of a "look for the answer" than an answer, you dig? :)

    a good place to start would be the journals, most of them are from start to finish. get a reading, when you have a more complicated question, we will be here for you
  3. i been looking,but did not really find the anser i'm looking for...
    should i wait until something pop up off the soil or rock wool,then give it 24 hours lights??
    Or i should just go ahead and give it 24 hours ligh anyway right after i planted it??

    Please help me out..

  4. read "do unsprouted seeds needs light" a post above or below this post.................. it's in this forum on this page....

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