Should I Give a Fuck?

Discussion in 'General' started by ismokecannabis, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Same deal here OP. I'm way too nice and everybody just takes it for granted. It's just not in me to act like a Gang Member though so idk...

    Little bit of monk little bit of gang member would be my suggestion.
  2. Damn I wish I knew you people in real life haha and shit yea I am just gonna start talkin to random people, I am kinda an anxious guy so I get embarrassed and nervous talking to people I don't know or don't know that well, and I freeze up and don't know what to talk about :-/ but i am workin on it
  3. I'd give the fuck, you got plenty other fucks from where that came from so you're good
  4. <--- See my avatar for how you should live.
  5. I know exactly how you feel man I have social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder. You just gotta take small steps to push your comfort zones so you can broaden your social network. Just do as much as you can before it feels like you can't do anymore comfortably, and if you keep doing that eventually you will be able to push it a little further, and so on and so forth. Eventually you will feel more comfortable doing more things and talking to strangers.

    It's something I've got to work on on a daily basis but when you see improvement it feels great :D.
  6. Are they mad cuz of something offensive you did? Like you do nice things for them but they still get mad if your acting like a dick? Or do they get offended when you won't help them out like you normally do.

    I dunno if that even made sense lol.
  7. didnt even read your post. just the poll.

    i say monk.

    i'd rather be a piece loving friendly monk than hate filled close minded gangsta.

    but thats just me.
  8. This man get's it.
  9. Give no fuck about it.

  10. /thread.

    btw.. me.. same story.

  11. Just help the people out who appreciate it and are willing to help you out in return. For everyone else fuck' em they don't deserve you're kindness.:hello:
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    @ morange hell yeah good advice and I have been pretty much doin that but I am just starting to move my comfort zone

    @ 1trismegistus1 It's kind of complicated and I don't think I can talk about it due to new rules lol but let's just say I have known this kid a long time and lend him gas money and smoke him out and a lot of stuff but recently he got a good job and he is pretty much acting like I'm not important enough to chill with or help out now that he doesn't need my stuff, it's fuckin frustrating

    EDIT: and to elaborate a little bit he has done a lot of favors for me too, we had a good trust system and got each other back pretty much instantly for stuff but it's just lately he has kinda changed, it makes the situation kinda complicated
  13. Why do you just be you? Found that's what works the best for me :cool:.
  14. Dude... just help people that REALLY need help, not people that could easily do, whatever it is they're asking you to do, themselves.
  15. i don't do shit that the person should be doing themselves, i mean if i am not doing anything else it's not a big deal to do a favor but like other reason i brought this up was person in question cussed me out the other day over something really stupid and you just don't do that, its fucking bullshit.

    but pretty much good advice from all of you, I am not too worried bout' it anymore, and I am on the look out for friends who aren't part time haha

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