Should I Give a Fuck?

Discussion in 'General' started by ismokecannabis, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. My whole life I have had the mindset that it is best to help people when I can, because you don't know what they are going through and people need a little help sometimes. I have been though a lot of shit and I just want to make things easier for people.

    My problem is that nobody seems to give a shit. No matter how many times I stick my neck out somebody starts bitchin or messes with me or cusses me out for some stupid shit forgetting about that sack I fronted or just etc etc like I said I like helping people out so I help clean people's houses, take care of pets, you know, whatever, I don't mind. But people are taking it for granted and I am getting really sick of it.

    So my question, grass city, is should I give a fuck? Should I look out for people when they don't seem to care or should I look out for myself. If I just looked out for myself, not even fuck with people but just did me for a while, I might be happier, or I might feel bad about it. i just don't know.

    Do you see what I'm sayin? How should I live? Like a monk or a gang member?
  2. Get "Life Goes On" tatted on the inside of your right bicep in cursive like me ;)
  3. Bro I like that idea haha
  4. ya i have shit that goes in my life. not directly in the same way as you but just fucking shit that i dont need to worry about
  5. haha yea right now i don't have a car or very much money andd yea its been kinda crazy but life goes on and i like the idea of that as a tattoo, just look at it and bam mindset change
  6. that or smoke another bowl, but i love mine
  7. Don't change who you are for other people. If your friends don't appreciate the things you do for them, find new friends.
  8. I am glad people aren't tellin me to thug it out haha I'm gonna keep bein me and bein nice I just won't make friends with people who don't care about me anymore I think.
  9. that's life. i do the same shit, do things like actually pick up after myself at my friends house even though they keep it trashed, do favors sometimes, bring extra beer, smoke people out, give a ride or two once in a while, it pretty much goes unnoticed by most (probably because everyone smokes a lot). but just because they don't remember you did it, or actually acknowledge it doesn't mean its not worth doing, so long as you aren't doing too much / hurting yourself in the process (i.e. going broke because your wasting money, or wasting gas, or making yourself feel like shit because you really want them to notice your good deeds).

    either way, my friends will always do something for me at some point without me asking so it works out anyways. it could be your friends
  10. life isn't black and white, you shouldn't have to choose between a gangster or a monk. don't let people take so much advantage of you but don't be completely selfish either, the worlds ahas enough selfishness already.

    I do the same thing I help out everyone I can, and yeah people take me for granted but I don't give a shit as to what they think, I don't do it so I can jack off to my ego, I do it because I want to make their lives just a bit easier and help them.

    Really you don't have to go to either extreme, help someone if you can but you can't always help everyone.
  11. Yesss this i why i post on this site, ya'll are smart and think like me. Yeah I try to just do shit and I mean I don't care if I get paid back for smokin people out or that people notice or whatever but it pisses me off that if I have been helpin people out and than I need something and people are just like "oh, well shit i can't help u cause I'm gettin pussy from my gf" that type of shit pisses me off. Especially when the gf isn't serious.

    I got shit to deal with too and people act like some stupid shit is more important

  12. yeah I got friends like that too man, thats why I don't depend on them for shit, I call other friends in time of need. if you don't have other friends go make some, but don't cut off your old ones, I dunno this may just be my thinking but with only so many years on this planet I'd like to be friends with as many as possible. why not?
    but yeah you can go make new ones without ditching your old, like I said man you dont have to go to the extreme all the time in life.
  13. You have to act like half-monk, half-hitman.

    Be James Bond. lol
  14. i think i may live by this haha
  15. you should be a eunuch :devious:
  16. There are no friends. Most of the time that is.
  17. Yeah friends are only friends when it is convenient for them. I want to find like 2 people who will have my back all the time like 3 musketeers shit we could be like a mini gang nobody would step on us! haha I work best in a small group makes shit get done!
  18. If you aren't being appreciated for the things that you do to help people, I suggest helping other people and doing good deeds for people who would appreciate it, so you can feel good knowing you are doing something good and don't feel shafted when someone barely acknowledges a favor.

    Also, if your friends are only friends when it's convenient for them, I would drop them. Life's too short to be around bad company. There are billions of people in the world and a lot of them are nice, you just gotta find them.
  19. ahhh, the hard part for me is in bold
  20. You just need to go out of your way to meet new people outside of the group of friends you already have. If you're out and about on your day and there's someone next to you who looks friendly strike up a conversation, if you are outgoing and friendly I'm sure you will find other people who will appreciate your company.

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