should i get this?

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  1. Hey guys I'm wondering if I should trade my syn ufo for this inline bong and a eighth. The Guy is a local artist and I love the marbles. Its pretty thick to. What you think guys.

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  2. up to you. i wouldn't, only because i know syn is a legit brand and they produce quality stuff. idk what kind of glass this is made out of and without seeing it in person its hard to assess the quality. i mean it looks good though so like i said its really up to you.
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    I like it, why not? Doesn't look like it will break the bank, nice smoking tool addition I think.

    *nvm saw ur trading up...I wouldn't trade any of my pieces, but then again I don't need to. If you like it the final say is yours man.
  4. I only ask because I hate my UFO. It makes me cough so bad. Its like the perc does nothing.
  5. Well, if you hate your bong, then ya, get the inline.
  6. It just doesn't seem to filter smoke at all always so harsh.
  7. Do you breath in some air when you smoke it? My ashcatcher-j arm does that just becuase its so much smoke in the small chamber at once it gets nasty, so just take smaller pulls or if you take big ones pause take a small breath go again and repeat as much as you need. Thats just me though!

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