Should i get this or not help me?

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  1. So i have a doublebubbler (I call it my doubler) it is a bubbler that has a regular bulb but it has 2 holes for bowl peices and a stem that curves out of it. Then i have a bowl that i love(not important i just wanted to say it haha). But my friend had a vaporizer the
    vaporgenie(Classic VGs | VaporGenies | Products | VaporGenie LLC) and he said it was ill having it and i smoked out of it a couple of times and it was pretty ill. But i want to know is, has anybody on here ever had the vapor genie and was it worth the money cus i think i might sell the bubbler the get one but i dont know yet. So i wanted some opinions on it before i decided.
  2. I had a vapor Genie and I thought it was shitty, but I have an SSV so the Genie hardly got the job done for me but if your looking into hand-held vapes you should scope the Magic Flight Launch Box. I hear its dope.
  3. Stick with your bubbler if it gets u good and baked than why waste the money on a a vaporizor thatr pretty expensive
  4. Because a vaporizer gets you good and baked using about half as much herb. Also it's not wasting money if it makes your herb last longer.
    The vaporgenie isn't great though. There are a lot of people who like/love it though, i'd say you should try out your friends first if you can, and see if you like it
  5. I think i might get the magic flight launch box but where should i buy it from? Like a website or go to a head shop
  6. I would look online for a good deal and if you don't have any luck check out your lhs

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