Should I get this bubbler?

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  1. I found this online for $42.50, what do you guys think?

  2. I really like this! Love the inner work and cross patterns as well as the extended curvy arms on the side. Id pay up to 50 for it.
  3. I seen that the other day it looks pretty cool go for it
  4. Fine looking piece. I'm sure most if not everyone would agree.
  5. Looks like a bitch to clean.
  6. There aren't many glass bubbler/bowl designs that I do like, but I think I would definitely get that piece.
  7. looks nice i would buy it..nah not that hard to clean let it soak in some simple green then rinse looks new..:D
  8. Aye is that on

    I've seen that one
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    I actually bought that exact one a few days ago. The tracking shows it should be at my house tomorrow or the next day. Is there another listing?

    Edit: I just checked etsy and there is another listing so I guess they made more than 1 of these.

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