Should I get this Bubbler?

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  1. This bubbler looks kinda decent. Me and my buddy just got our two bongs stolen so were just going to buy a smaller pipe like it and this one looks almost perfect. I was just wondering if anybody owns this one and knows if it A: Rips well with decently smooth smoke. B: Does the bowl also cherry, well? If anybody also just knows any things about this pipe, well thank you for you help anywho, and smoke on. :smoke:

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  2. Not really a fan of bubblers but that's a nice looking piece, I'm sure it cherrys fine just like a normal piece
  3. if your not a fan of bubblers, dont get a bubbler. Just get a mini bong/gong. Also, you dont want it to cherry man...your just wasting bud then. You wanna spark it, take your hit, and make sure its out lol.
  4. I say save your money and buy some quality glass :bongin:
  5. not worth the money
  6. Check out some LHS first.
  7. It's the weed that controls the cherry, not the piece brotha!
  8. I think the piece still plays a part.

    Did anyone notice those two kids posted the same thing word for word haha.
  9. i did, thought it was some de ja vu but i double chcked and was like wuuutt

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