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Should i get regg or Dro?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Token-4-Life, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Do you guys think i should get 4g's of reggie for $20 or 1g of dro for $20 i usually only smoke on weekends so my tolerance is pretty low. Just tell me what you think thanks.
  2. if your looking for quantity, get the reggs. If you looking for quality, get the dro.

    If you only smoking on weekends, I might just shell out another 20 and get 2 gs of dro.
  3. How many hits of the regs does it take you to get where you want to be? How about the dro? Do you want to have weed to smoke all day and into the week, or just get really baked for a day or two.. It's all about what you like and how you like to smoke, no one can tell you.
  4. thats pretty expensive for dro...just get soem regs bro.dont go wasting your money liek that.
  5. I can get pretty high off 2 or 3 hits lol and dro only takes me one hit and yeah i just wanna be baked Saturday and sunday.
  6. Dude i made the same decision a month ago, and i have a low tolerance, and i went with the dro, it was so worh it, because dro gets me so high off so little, i woould say go with the Dro this time, and then next time go with the reg so u can experience both,
  7. iono man, i like smoking so i'd prolly get the reggy
  8. be smart.
    chose the dank.
  9. word . . .
  10. I'd get the dank and pack single hits in whatever your smoking out of, take like 3 hits and you'll be good to go.
  11. ya if its the same dealer ask if you could see both first because chances are we could be seeing high or low regs. and remember hydro is just a way of controlling nutrition going to the plants because ive seen some hydro that matches to high regs and such so be smart and use every option. and if you want a blunt then get the regs and if you have a special glass for the dro then i would smoke it all in one time to get the full effect :smoking:
  12. You mean choose. lol. I'd say go with the reggie. If you still have a relatively low tolerance, then keep it that way. This way if you're trying to smoke all weekend, you can. You can roll up 2 blunts saturday and 2 blunts sunday, or 1 friday, 1 saturday, and 1 sunday, and still have 1 gram left. Anyways, have fun, be safe..
  13. Good idea but i still kinda dont know wut to get cuz half say dro and half say reggie lol.
  14. If you wanna get pretty baked saturday and sunday, go for regs. If you wanna get REALLY high one day go for dro
  15. honestly you will never hear me say this ever again but for your situation i would get the regulars
  16. Half are always going to say dro because "it's the dank". If you can get high off 2-3 hits of regs or 1 hit of dro, common sense says go with the regs because you still come out higher and get to smoke more.

    I honestly don't get the hype over dro, sure you can get higher, but at 4 times the cost why not buy 4 times more of some shit thats almost as good? Don't get me wrong, dro is nice but its pretty over rated.

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