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Should i get re-paid?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Weedith, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. I was meeting up with my dealer to get 1.5g of some super kush for $15...he gives me the weed and i give him the money. SECONDS later two guys in a car roll up and mug us...they take the $15 i gave him, $2 of my own money, and the 1.5g of weed on me. They drive away and were both like wtf? :confused: So, i give him $5 i had in my bottom pocket that wasnt mugged hoping he can still hook me up with the same amount or maybe 2g's sometime soon. Do you think he should still give me the same amount even though the money i gave him was taken?

    Tl;Dr: Got 1.5g from friend for $15 got mugged..took $15 from him $2 from me and the weed...gave friend 5 more dollars i still had in my bottom pocket...should he still give me 1.5g or 2g's?
  2. If the muggers had nothing to do with him (which is a strange coincidence btw) then technically he doesn't owe u anything...but how sure are u that he wasn't affiliated with the thieves?
  3. Not completely sure thats the thing:/ i asked him if he knew them and he said he wasnt sure..but it was a possibility..and i gave him the extra 5, so i was thinking at the least hook me up with a little less than a gram?
  4. That's some sketchy shit and a lot of effort to steal $15 lol.
  5. Now that i think of it, he actually got his phone taken too...and then 2 weeks later he gets it back and says he tracked it back and the guys are going to jail now? Im not sure if he was affiliated with them...i dont see why hed organize them to come take the stuff for $15?? He seemed like a good person. Im thinkin of accepting the loses and buy from someone else.
  6. I'd just buy from someone else. That's sketch as shit. But why do that to someone for $15 lol
  7. he wouldnt rob you for 15$ & no your dealer got robbed to fucker so he takes 2 losses and you take none?
  8. Honestly if he was selling you 1.5 for $15 dollars in the first place.... >.> and you ended up losing $22 dollars in the process with no nug to show for it.... I've had a dealer of mine get mugged mid pickup before and he payed me back and hooked me up fat on my next purchase. Just find a new dealer man his shit is probably rank anyways those prices are dirt cheap and you usually get what you pay for.
  9. I forgot to mention this, but he told me hed get me some question is more of should i be a little persistant about giving me some, or should i let it go if hes not answering?

  10. super kush

  11. If he's not answering just don't buy from him anymore.... find a new dealer bro, and if you ever need weed from him again be like "hey can i get some nug" "yea how much?" "well a G but remember that time we got mugged.... I'm callin in that hookup if its cool :D" be cool about it, and if he's not, just be like "ok you don't need my business and I aint givin ya none peace :cool:"

  12. Where the fuck do you live that your getin super kush at 1.5 for 15?!?!?!?!?!
  13. and was it REALLY super kush... or did he just say it was super kush.... >.> are you new to this? :p

  14. I cant be 100% about it, but you never know. And im sort of new to buying from real dealers, im used to buying from people i personally know. But, due to "complications" i wont be able to get any personal hookups for a while...

  15. That's unfortunate :( soon enough your "real" dealers will become like friends to you with repeat business, the hookups will increase, and the bond will grow. If they're down offer to smoke them up they like that. Nothing huge just a little goodbye bowl before your business concludes. Happy tokin my friend I wish you the best of luck with your situation.

  16. Thanks, appreciate the help :)

  17. Anytime its what the forums are here for :smoke: I enjoy helping tbh so if you have further questions keep askin when I have free time I lurk the shit out of this place. You could pm me to if you like, I think im rather knowledgeable

  18. You can do this as many parts of the world. Here in Canada our dank is super cheap. :smoke:
  19. sounds like your dealer was in on it, start buying bud from a new connect...
  20. is super kush even a real strain to begin with?

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