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Should I get OG kush or bubba kush?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dalulz, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. What do you guys recommend?
  2. OG is stronger. Bubba will put you to sleep. Me I usually get both a kush and an OG when i hit the clubs.. I'd DEFF go with the OG if given a single choice. Epspecially if you aren't in Cali. Consider it a rare treat :smoking:
  3. OG is the shit
  4. OG Kush all the way
  5. Man I wish I had some kush, I've never smoked any before. Can't wait to harvest my TNT kush and Chemdog, and get ripped.:bongin:
  6. Get maracas full of og kush and shake em so they go chachachaa...that's what I do after some fine OG :)
  7. Since nobody has mentioned it yet, get both!
  8. OG, Double OG, Triple OG, OG Tripple!
  9. How bout OG Bubba Kush?!
  10. I've never had a chance to try OG Kush, but I have smoked Bubba Kush quite few times. Although I'm not a big Kush fan, I will say the times I did smoke it, I really enjoyed it. No complaints here. It didn't make me sleepy, it actually gave me a nice, euphoric high. If you end up going the OG route, be sure and let me know how it is!
  11. og kush never disappoints, go with that:smoking:
  12. Bubba wishes it was OG
  13. I concur.

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