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Should I get my mom high?

Discussion in 'General' started by ioeo, Feb 25, 2013.

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    So here is my situation.

    My mother is in her mid 50s and a long time divorcee. She recently got injured at work and will be stuck at home for a couple months with nothing to do. She is all but an empty nester, with my younger sister and her two year old living there. The kid is split between my sister and the father so is only at the house half the time.

    My mom devoted her entire life to make sure us kids had a roof over our head and went to school, etc, etc. Because of that, she doesn't have a lot of friends and or hobbies. She has a casual guyfriend, but besides that she spends much of her time watching television. She enjoys her work and hates being idle. So I know that her current situation is driving her crazy. She has nothing to do all day and won't until she goes back to work.

    I've been thinking, would it be appropriate or even a good idea to introduce her to marijuana? I'm sure she has used it before when she was younger. She's very smart and incredibly responsible, so I'm confidant she could handle it.

    I wanted some suggestions on how I would approach her about the prospect of smoking. If she refuses, what would I say that might ease her mind about things?

    I just want to help her out and this seems like a good idea. I have a feeling she would refuse because of my sister's kid. Is it even a good idea with a young child in the house?


    Edit: I forgot to say that it wouldn't be a one time thing. I would get a decent quantity of it for her to smoke on her own. I don't know if that was clear in my post.
  2. My mom started smoking again when I told her I smoked. Does she know you smoke? If you think she smoked when she was younger and you think she would be okay knowing you smoke maybe open up to her, she might ask for a bowl.
  3. Yea if she wont get mad.It could be a bonding experience you two could get high together and watch a funny movie.
  4. You'll never know until you try my man. I say bring it up, I personally think it'd help her, but it's your mom. You know her better than we do :smoke:
  5. Ask how she feels about the topic, maybe watch The Union with her since she'll be home a lot with nothing to do.
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    Thanks everyone. I'm a little more confidant about it now.

    I know she knows that I smoke but she's never asked me about it. I was home for awhile over winter break. She's smart enough and I'm pretty sure she smelled it.

    Has anyone had any experience in talking to their parents about smoking?
  7. I got into a fight with my mom, bought her some chocolate edibles and put them in a mini gift basket the day before I moved out. She's never said a word about me being high since lmao.
  8. Tell her you want to watch a movie with her and put on "The Union".
    Then wait and see what she says...

  9. When I lived with my mom we went to a pool hall on her bday and she got drunk and smoked all MY weed.... Lmao...
    I think it's okay in the home with a kid just don't smoke in the house. Maybe the garage or outside. Or when the lil one isn't even home.
  10. Yea when my mom quit drinking for her diet she was dying to get a buzz and i was like damn mom maybe u need to smoke some weed.And she was like yea maybe i should.And i was like i can have some here in a minute and she was like na...

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