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Should I get my gf to smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HookahSmokingCaterpillar, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Right so basically my girl has always been really against weed
    Not liking me doing it etc
    But then after trying to lowkey convince her by mentioning how good sex is on it, she was like YOHOMIE IMA TRY DAT SHITTTT MAYBE
    i Was like sound famalam lets get on dis mad ched ye boy

    anyway sorry
    So she said she would maybe try it

    basically do you think its cool for me get her to smoke when she has never? idk shes really goodgoody all the time so is it weird

    basically just want opinions hahaha off my skull typing this sorry guys I'm "that" guy on the weedforums shucks but I guess we're all high or a bit anyway from just life
  2. when she wants to
    it may take several years
    how have you, Gonzo, stuck with anti-Marijuana gf in the first place


  3. haha yeah man,
    I've only really been with her a bit, shes pretty unlike everyone else ive been with i guess- she's like really goodygoody as I said
    eh, she's never smoked but idk- i know she'd like it anyway
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    I wouldn't date a woman who wasn't into weed, I just broke up with someone over that shit.
  5. ya man, if she is in to it then give it a go. However, you mentioned how bunched her panties are up her ass over you getting high. Here is the problem, you are basically giving her control or she feels entitled to have that control. You go to nip that shit in the ass NOW!

    No good can come of a woman who starts telling you what you can and can't do. Fuck a bunch of that ridiculous bullshit. With that said, I get the feeling this is just a ploy to get control over it in some way. you need to approach this carefully and tread lightly because if you don't, she will feel like she is in control and can tell you what you can and can't do. So ya, fuck a bunch of that shit.

    Go directly to plan B if her trying some ganja somehow turns into she doesn't like it. so therefore you two won't be smoking weed any damn way. No good can come of this. Your best bet is to tell her how it is. Tell her in no uncertain terms that it isn't her decision. It never was it never will be. If and that's a big fucking if, you decide to stop smoking ganja then you will. But not because she thinks you should stop to appease her own ego. Again, fuck a bunch of that shit.

    It is far easier to simply move on to a woman who smokes ganja. She would be far more compatable anyway right? If your current SO was to force you to quit you would be miserable. She knows that but doesn't care. So in the end, after the torture you will endure for who knows how long, you'll break it off and move on to a stoner chick. Save yourself some time and aggravation by cutting her loose now. Sure it hurts. But not nearly as much as when she turns this thing into a war of attrition like only a righteously self centered woman can do.

    I know the advice is a bit rough and really if you think she will come around, then sure, go ahead and put in the time to see what happens. Everyone I know that tried ended up miserable too. As did I.

    Good luck broski, you're in a pickle for sure. A painful one too. Hang in there ! Hopefully you can read this because I'm leaving it all up to auto correct because I am fucked up lol
  6. Just blow it in her face without her expecting it. Then start sounding alarms and police sirens. This will be a great first time.

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    "Getting" anyone to use any drug that they choose not to is immature, selfish, and ignorant in my opinion. She lets you smoke so why would you give a fuck if she chooses not to do so herself?

    Having a real partner doesn't mean they have to do everything you do. It is much more important that they accept you for who you are and not try to change you. I smoke daily and grow my own indoors yet my wife has never smoked in her life. We have been married over a decade and have a great marriage, so don't believe it can't work
  8. Obviously you shouldn't force her to do anything she doesn't want to do.

    Now that doesn't mean you shouldn't politely offer a toke or something every time the event arises. The more you positively mention the pros of weed, the more she'll associate it in her mind as being a good thing. If like you said she is willing to maybe try, then I'm pretty sure she'll be willing to try it.

    Worse case scenario, she doesn't like it. Ohh well, life goes on.
    Good case scenario, you found yourself a keeper.

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