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Should I get my California state issued ID?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by dreamer101, May 22, 2010.

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    As you all know in my last post I had my car parked and two police officers pulled behind me and still made me throw away my weed or get a ticket even though I showed them my doctors recommendation. The officer told me this doesn't count and I need a STATE ID. Should I go ahead and apply for one? Is it hard to get? Is it highly recommended by the medical marijuana patients in here?

    The cop told me that by the looks of me "your a young guy" the state wont issue me a card. He said its for serious people with cancer and aids.
  2. I don't think it is necessary. The officers probably sensed that you weren't too sure about your rights and decided to take advantage, but for the most part the card is and should be 100% voluntary.
    If you get the state id card its not too bad even if your name is down somewhere i think its still confidential, but don't get it anyways cause most dispensaries don't require it.
    The recommendation covers all the stuff that the id card provides so just keep it on you rall the time like in your car if you don't want to get the car.
    Next time if you act more assertive and knowledgeable but not cocky, then i think you have a higher chance of making it out with no trouble
  3. It's not 100% necessary, but if you drive around with MMJ in your vehicle quite often, you may wish to get one. Or if you're a cop magnet. It is the only form of identification that they MUST leave you alone for proffering. They can still hassle you with just your doctor's recommendation.

    But the cop is 100% full of shit on the reasons why they give out the state card. They give it to ANYONE as long as they have a valid recommendation.


    If you really have questions, get yourself a copy of the Margolin legal guide, it's availble on Bruce Margolin's website. You can google it, it'll come up

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