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Should I Get My Brother Stoned? Serious Question Need Help.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StonerWolf, May 19, 2013.

  1. ok younger  bro is 19 and is kinda socially awkward. He has OCD and social anxiety disorder which is now under control due to medication. also, he has a lifelong skin condition called psoriasis which creates nasty rashes all over his chest and hence he has really low self esteem. Though hes a happy guy who's dealing well with his problems( i dont think I could handle it as well as he has) , he does have less friends and rarely goes out and is awkward around people.
    I was wondering, whether it would do him any good to try weed? I mean not as medicine...I want him to enjoy life as he seems to have nothing much to be happy about..Would giving him a toke be a bad idea on my part? or will I just make it worse? What would you do?
    Any answers would be helpful though answer from people with experience with such a situation would be invaluable.
    I just want him to be a bit happy and enjoy life like weed has made me to.
    thanks again.

  2. If hes 19 then I dont see why not, hes an adult afterall. Just ask him if hed want to and respect his answer i suppose, atleast if he says yes not only will you have a a new toking buddy but maybe it would bring you closer, giving him the uplift that he needs :)
  3. What the actual fuck?
  4. Actual the fuck what/
  5. Well this just got interesting... @ the crazy guy.
    I'm kinda in the same boat as your brother... haha. I got eczema and no friends. I'm 18. I'll be getting my patient card soon.
    It seems like marijuana is perfect for him! It's good for ocd, anxiety and psoriasis! If anything he could drop his meds... just make sure he smokes some CBD to mellow him out.

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    ^^agreed CBD will mellow u out that's the main substance in cannabutter since its usually made with leftover trim . Hence edibles maybe he would enjoy more then smoking .

    THC and CBD isn't for all types of people , majority of adults and teens can handle it , but once in a while u find that person that smokes and freaks out and becomes worst then without weed lol
  7. Who's crazy?
  8. thats me. Hopefully once i get my hands on some actual medical cannabis, the cbd can control the psychoactive THC, and actually treat my ailments directly.
  9. Who's crazy?
  10. Yeah man I don't see why not. It can potentially help with the anxiety as well.
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    He'll be fine. My boyfriend has Borderline Personality Disorder, and he usually fears smoking because he's afraid of anxiety, but once he's high, he's very happy and relaxed.
    Also, in my past I suffered with Clinical Depression and Psychotic Depression, plus ADD. Weed does make me mildly hallucinate SOMETIMES, but once in a blue moon, and it's not scary or frightening. However, I get a lot of paranoia, but if he has disorders and knows how to handle them, he should be able to ignore the paranoia and calm himself out of it (at least that's what I do).
    Actually, to be honest, I'm almost sure it was the mixture of weed, molly, and EDM that cured my depression lol. No joke.
  12. Yeah, give it a shot.

    I've got Asperger's and I'll be damned if smoking doesn't make it easier to talk.
  13. Eating healthy is also good for all those things.
  14. If hes 19 then I dont see why not, hes an adult afterall
  15. Dude, hes a troll. Hes a blade turned troll. Just read his posts...
  16. I could say the same to you, and I am.
  17. I would say definitely have him try smoking. If he likes it he could pick up smoking for recreational purposes and it would also help him make some friends. I mean I smoke with all kinds of people; it really brings people together. I've even smoked with a kid who has a skin disorder (and now that he started smoking hes dating a very attractive young lady).
  18. His condition doesn't sound to great, would be nice to show him the side of weed.
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    That's what I'm asking you.
     Who's the crazy guy?

    "Well this just got interesting... @ the crazy guy."-You

    I'm waiting for you to get banned.

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