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Should i get mids or chronic?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cheez, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. hey, I dont smoke a lot and im gettin some herb for me n my friend this weekend and we got $30, my dealer said we can get a quarter of mids or an eighth of chronic. What should we get? (just me n one or two other people)
  2. get the eight of chron.
  3. ok, thanks. I thought the quarter would be better but w/e
  4. What the fuck kind of question is that.

  5. chron gives a much betteer high.
  6. ^^I agree, the high is much more enjoyable from dank. Get the chronic man
  7. ok, Ill get the chronic :)
  8. First off You said you dont smoke alot so why would you want alot of shit bud compared to a little bit of good bud And what type of dank is that that your getting for $30 and 1/8th

  9. some fire.
  10. I always go for the highest quality I can find. Quality over quantity man. You could smoke 2 bowls of some beasters and not be feelin nearly as good as a bowl of some headies makes you feel.
  11. If you dont smoke alot id go for the quarter mainly because I like rolling joints and blunts and those are kind of a waste when rolled wiht chron. You will still get damn high if u dont smoke too often.
  12. Yeah if he doesn't smoke often a quarter of mids will last a while and get him nice and high, and I love my joints too I'll pickup a half o or an o of shake for like 20-25, from some chronic just to roll up mad joints , they're so convenient, just grab one when you walk out the door.
  13. def go with the better stuff. But I am also curious of what kinda bud you are gettting for $30 a 8th.

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