Should I get diagnosed for mental illnesses/Get on the prozac?

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    Okay so past couple months I've been looking into a couple mental conditions and I'm somewhat paranoid after reading symptoms.
    I think I could have mild autism, aspergers syndrome(though they do seem pretty extreme but I want to make sure).
    And I think I'm also (more) likely to have social anxiety(chemically?), depression, and narcissism as well.

    I've always been a shy guy and I've become even more conscious of shyness now and I'm often overthinking what friends, acquaintances, strangers, or even my relatives think of sometimes and it really hinders me socially. I'm always thinking about other people 24/7. It comes to the point where I can't hold conservations well and end up getting mild panic attacks ensuing in awkwardness. Needless to say this really hurts my dating life cause I just can't really function around girls I like or even girls I know who are into me. It's like I fear intimacy. I catch myself doing creepy things like looking through my roommate's belongings, listening in on them, and whatnot.

    In terms of narcissim, I find that I get jealous easily and bitter over other people's happiness, I feel entitled during interactions and get pissed if people don't acknowledge my words(and this happens ALOT for almost everything that comes out of my mouth especially around people I don't know very well). I'll be constantly be like "Does he/she not look me?", "Did I say something wrong", "Does he think I'm a bitch?" So I tend to give off a "suck up to" vibe when I'm around people I feel the need to impress, or at least I think I do, and this makes it hard for me to open to them since I'm so validation seeking. Biggest thing that's happened within this past half year is looking at myself in the mirror wondering if I'm attractive enough. I find myself doing it TOO much and it's starting to bug me. I always daydream about having control and power or just being famous and other people looking up to me. Another huge indicator.

    I'm also somewhat fidgety in situations and I can't really hold my attention towards things I'm not interested in, but I made a post earlier about ADD and people are saying I'm normal so it's not so much of a biggie.

    I think all these things COULD be caused by environmental influences and I'm hoping they can fixed through having a good diet, working out, meditation, more socializing, more recreational activities, positivity challenges, reading good books, etc. but if it is indeed genetic then I'm thinking of going the pharmaceutical way with anti-depressants, and prozac. I'm consultations with therapists as well of course. On the other hand, I COULD be alot more normal than I think I am, since all my close friends and roommates whom I've opened up to this year seem to think people generally like me and they definitely seem to enjoy my company talking to me, so I could be overthinking things.
  2. Only you can fix this.

    You seem like a genuine person
  3. Get on a good sleep, exercise, and meal plan.

    I'm saying like in bed by... 1 am at the latest and up no later by 9-10 AM.

    If your symptoms persist a month after you are acclimated I would consult the word of a psychologist(can not prescribe pharmaceuticals)
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    Sounds like a classic case of what we call 'WebMD' lmao.

    If you're really worried, you probably have a reason to be, but I doubt you have this much wrong with you. You should go to a mental health clinic, where they'll give you a whole overview and ask you a ton of questions that will help them diagnose you. Don't try to tell them you think you have this or that, just give honest answers and see what they say at the end.

    If you feel they're not hitting the nail on the head after they've diagnosed you, then is when you should ask them about specific illnesses/etc.

    Recently went into my own mental health clinic and was diagnosed with ADHD, eek :/ But, it makes sense considering my 'symptoms.'

    You'll never know until you talk to someone, and you'll probably feel a lot better afterwards and less paranoid.

    Oh, and PS: If you DO end up being prescribed some sort of medication, PLEASE do your own individual research on it before taking it. :) You never know, and these days prescriptions for serious pills are easy to come by so be careful! I was put on Zoloft as a kid and it made me feel like a zombie, and after that Wellbutrin which gave me severe headaches. Always better to look up the side effects of something before you start putting it in your body.
  5. Alright then. Do you know if it's possible to set up such an appointment at Kaiser? Or does it have to be specific clinics/hospitals?
  6. id stay far away from anti depressants
  7. go see a doctor...he will rule in or out a diagnosis
  8. I think antidepressants might help you a lot..i used to worry and get stressed about every little thing and now i was due to a chemical imbalance and i can tell when i dont take them i go back to flipping out over little things and stressing all the time..only a doctor can diagnose you so you should probably go talk to one..i take celexa btw and feel no side effects

  9. You need to make an appointment with a specific mental health practitioner, i.e. a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Do NOT go to someone at Kaiser. They are not trained in mental health, but they can still prescribe antidepressants and that's what they'll do.

    In almost every situation that you hear about a person having trouble because of an antidepressant it's because they went to their GP for the meds instead of going to an actual mental health professional. It's a huge problem in this country.

    To me, though, it doesn't sound like you need meds. You sound like you need therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy would help you out a lot, as well as changing your diet, exercise, and sleeping habits like KillerKush recommended.
  10. Chemical imbalances are a myth brought to the public by government Big pharma lobbyists. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that people have "chemical imbalances" in their brain. Complete garbage myth to make money.

    anti-depressants and pharma drugs in general are all garbage. Take responsibility for your life and learn why you feel the way you do
  11. [ame=]Depression is NOT a Chemical Imbalance Here is the PROOF !! Pharmaceuticl Conspiracy !! ( - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Taking drugs for mental illness is like taking nyquil for a cold.

    It treats the symptoms temporarily but doesn't cure the illness.

    Doctors know this.

    The trend in the mental illness world is as follows

    Diagnose symptom (opposite of real doctors who diagnose problem)
    Try drug
    Increase dossage
    Try new drug
    Increase dossage
    Rinse anand repeat for life.
  13. Why do you say, "should I get diagnosed?", if I may ask?

    If you're really concerned, see a psychiatrist. And if they talk to you for five minutes then throw a prescription at you, see another. Pills are not a cure all, and in some instances can only make the situation worse.

    Might just be 'cyberchondria'. Are these characteristics severe enough to interfere with your daily life and your happiness?
  14. Or adopt one :)

    [ame=]Blind Dog Living in a Trash Pile Gets the Most Beautiful Rescue - The End is Amazing - YouTube[/ame]

  15. Wish I could rep you again man. That was such a beautiful video :)

    I can definitely vouch for a dog for aiding with mental illness. I have a service dog (a Siberian husky) for my paranoid schizophrenia and he, more than anything else in the world, really helps to keep me grounded when I'm in trigger situations. There's just nothing better than coming home after a long day of work and having a dog meet you at the door just radiating love like no other being is capable of giving.
  16. You're cool man.

    I am a female, in high school from freshman year to end of junior year I was a judgemental, jealous, anxious, no dating life, everything like you have said about yourself. I over-analyzed everything. In my classes I would watch people and see my peers laughing with each other while the teacher was talking and I would get so angry because these kids were so clueless and careless and not observant. I hated them all because they didn't give a fuck.

    Then my senior year of high school I started to smoke weed and I realized one crucial thing: I am fucking cool and I don't give a fuck. I did my own shit and stopped thinking about other people so fucking much. Thinking about what other people are thinking about while thinking about what they're thinking about you kills you slowly. Focus within.

    And I highly highly suggest not getting on some medication that you'll only want to eventually "get off of" but then you'll be addicted to it and shit hits the fan...

    You're cool, YOU are cool as fuck.
  17. I feel exactly like you
  18. I think some of you are going overboard saying depression has nothing to do with neurotransmitters. Some people are just miserable. Some days I feel like that's me, some days not. I agree 1000% that a steady diet of grains and processed oils will result in depression, as will lack of exercise. But I think some people are wired for depression.
  19. True... Unfortunately...

    My father and sister is a great example of this. Both have gone through mild and severe forms of depression and their brains simply can't cut through it like mine can. I have gone through a small tiny bout of miserable depression and it sucked ass hole but I kicked it because I decided to stop sitting around feeling sorry for myself. I think for depressed people, they like that hollow feeling and it's addicting. Some days though you just have to say fuck it and get up and get shit done. You don't have to see a purpose or find meaning in life to live, you just keep going.

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