should i get an 02 galant?

Discussion in 'General' started by dankykush, May 22, 2006.

  1. I currently drive a 97 eclipse gst (turbo). It's fast and i used to like it, but it only uses premium gas, and i get shitty mileage and it's also really small. So now to the topic question, my friends parents are selling there 02 galant with 53k miles on it. It's got 17" chrome rims, new tires, really tinted windows, and its pretty quick (i test drove it). Its a pretty cool looking car and in really good condition (guys dad is a mechanic) so im weighing out my options and thinking that i shouldnt pass up this deal seeing as i'm moving out soon and want to get something more reliable and cheaper to maintain (I've put like 2 Grand into my car in the past 4 months seeing as i just hit 100,000 miles. So should i sell my eclipse and pick up that galant? The KBB value is around 9 grand and they are willing to sell it to me for 6000!!! (because im a friend of the family).

    Let me know my fellow bud smokers, this decision is killing me.

    Edit* I also have a Alpine In-Dash DVD player/monitor that is sitting in its box waiting to be put in, and i dont want to waste the time putting it in, just to take it out.
  2. IMO you would be downgrading with the galant just because your gst has ENORMOUS potential for being a street monster.. but i dont know if thats what you want. if you want good gas mileage get the galant
  3. well i'm not into the whole upgrading my car scene, i was, i still race all the time and my car is quick, especially for it being stock, but it having 104,000k i dont want the turbo to go out and for me to be in a hole. Plus, i drive it too hard :)

    The galant looks to me like a better choice because i'm going to be moving out soon, and like every person moving out, money is going to be tight.
  4. It's always nice to have a car with 4 doors, for rollin around with people. Plus it sounds like it's already got everything done to it (Dont know) as opposed to buying one THEN putting everything you want (tinted windows, wheels, etc)

    Plus half the miles.. Definately will be cheaper and easier to maintain, gas will be cheaper, I'd go for it. But then again, I haven't seen either of them.
  5. heres a pic of my car:

    and ill try and get one of the galant within the next few days.
  6. Get the '87 cutty supreme on 20" daytons.

  7. stick with the gst. it is has far more potential and as for premium gas you can put regular unleaded your ecu or ecm will just modify your maps for less octane fuel but you won't get full horsepower out of the motor.
  8. fuck the GST, get the better car. eclipses are not reliable like u said, and there just....i mean guys come on, they arent street monsters, there rice burners.

    the galant is a nicer car.

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