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should i get a vaporizer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jokoman, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. Should i get one? I am being offered a portable vaporizer for what is equivalent to $120 if we are talking about dollars because i live in the philippines. Is it a good buy? What are the pros and cons of using a vape ibstead of a pipe or joint?

    PS. Please dont bash me again like in my other thread. I am not a troll and yes there are drug tests in the philippines if you are going go get a driver's license
  2. Vaporizers have many pro's. Not only can you do it without a smell, discretely, but it's also beneficial to your lungs. Sure, smoking is fun but the lungs hate that shit over time. I have a portable vape i use indoors... besides that it's the bong.
  3. Is $120 a fair price?
  4. The MFLB is about 110 bucks at my LHS. It works good though, so yes. Decent vaporizers will usually be above $100, besides the vaporgenie and others.
  5. Okay thanks! :) So you mean I can smoke even in public places without being paranoid because the vapor has no smell at all?

  6. It has a faint burnt popcorn smell. It's nothing you should worry about, it's nothing too defining. :D
  7. Thanks guys! :)
  8. Sure just don't get caught with it haha. But it can be very useful, me and my friends vaped out our hotel room and went on roller coasters stoned!
  9. Dude try to pick up a Da Buddah vape. I'm not sure on the price, but I think it might be in the $100-150 range. They're supposed to be really good for the price.
  10. I just bought a VaporGenie -- I'll tell you if it's worth it once it arrives (but from what I've heard, they're amazingly good, not only way less damaging to your health and more conservative with your weed than bongs, but most people think the highs are better than from a bong, too).

  11. Picked mine up for $150 on Amazon. But the only thing that sucks is that it voids the warranty. :(

    The Da Buddha is an amazing vaporizer, I'll say that much. :D

    I have a DBV and an MFLB, I'd pick the DBV if there's an outlet and I'm not going anywhere for a minute. :hello:
  12. the mflb EASILY the best in the under $100 price range, in fact its still one of the best vaporizers out there

  13. There's a huge margin where it is THE best vaporizer, as it would have to compete with desktop vaporizers that do quite a better job at vaporizing. The best PORTABLE vaporizer, you are now getting somewhere. :wave:

    I agree, it's a pretty good vape for what it does. But if I were to pick between my DBV and my MFLB when I'm sitting at home itching for a fix, I'll pick my DBV because it's more thorough in the bowls and you can put more weed in it. :D
  14. Portable Herbal Vaporizer Philippines - 6264072

    this is like craigslist in our country. this is vaporizer i was talking about. dont know the brand but the seller is a very trusted seller though. bought a grinder from her the last time. anyone who knows that vape?
  15. Sneaky herb vape? Hahaha. Never heard of it man, but from my research on here id have to point you towards the mflb.
  16. Vaper bros is pretty legit. the buddha vape is sick too. The volcanoe is sick but it's overpriced in my opinion. If you'd rather go with a piece nothing beats illadeplh. I discovered this really sick product called bong saver too which protects your bong really well. My friends bong would've totally broke if it wasn't for that thing.
  17. DONT DO IT!!!

    It may possibly be somewhat worth it but I can basically guaruntee by looking at that vape that is doesnt cost much and most likely isnt really worth $60USD

    Buy the Magic Flight Box vaporizer, cheaper too.
  18. Don't get the magic launch box I bought one it wasn't worth $120 at all. The high is nothing compared to a normal stoned high you get from smoking a blunt or huge bong hit. The only good thing about it is its stealthiness.
  19. Dude, we have an entire forum to discuss vaporizers.
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