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Should I get a MFLB?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hart, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. So I'm coming to the end of my 30day T-Break, and I'm wondering if I should purchase this vape. I haven't used a vape in my life, but always curious to them. The MFLB looks awesome, but, based on my habbits what would you say?

    I smoke with friends only, never, or very very rarely alone.
    How much bud does this conserve?
    Whats the high like?
    And if you own one / tried one, how much do you enjoy it compared to other vapes?
  2. I was going to get one but decided on the arizer extreme q 4.0 due the great reviews, and I heard you dont get that high from the mflb
  3. I purchased a mflb about 3 weeks ago and at first I was not impressed. However, after spending a little time figuring out the right way to hit it, it certainly gets me baked. It saves a lot of bud, I rarely vape more than .2 (of dank) and I'm too high to keep going. For a solo sesh, I'm high in 10 minutes, really baked after 15.

    For a group of people it would not be the best choice. The small trench that holds bud only has room for maybe .05-.1 grams, making it hard to keep a nice rhythm going if passing in a circle. Its most efficient when used by one or two people at a time.

    If looking for a vape that is better for groups consider Da Buddah Vaporizer. It costs more money, but the whip as well as larger hits make it much more suited for group sessions. Most of the reviews for it on this site speak very highly of it.

    Hope that helps
  4. I have a mflb it's a great peice, but i really prefer it more for individual or one or two other people, because it's a hassle to teach people how to use it because there are so many user controlled variables.
  5. 1. The MFLB will get you high as fuck. It comes with two batteries, which one battery should be plenty to smoke a trench or two with 2-3 friends (the "trench" is the bowl. It looks like a trench, so they call it that, and it acts as the bowl). They will love it.
    2. It conserves A LOT of bud, thats the main reason why myself, and most others get it. That and the fact it gets you very vape stoned. You only need about .2 or .3 of a grams to fill the trench nicely, and that will last you at least 10 hits, if not more. It's not like a pipe, it saves you a lot of bud, AND MONEY.
    3. The high is very potent, it's a vape high. It's your normal high, but I call it a "vape high" because you get very stoned from only using small amounts of bud.
    4. I've never owned any other vape, so I don't really know. I have all glass, the MFLB is the only vape I own, but I've had it for almost a year now and this thing has saved me a ton of money.

    It's definitely worth it if you want a vaporizer that gets you high easily, conserves weed, gets you high easy off small amounts of weed, is portable, nearly odorless, and isn't incredibly expensive.
  6. ive owne d a mflb and extreme q.

    only get an mflb if you need portability

    my extreme q gets me much higher, much more consistently. (sold my extreme q)

    and i found it off ebay for not much more $
  7. Can you get arizer extremes that are portable? I'm thinking about getting an mflb.
  8. The mflb is a great device once you get the technique. Worth it
  9. Actually I plan on splitting the cost between me' and my friend, and sharing as we smoke together almost all the time. After using bud is it reusable?
  10. Reusable? Yea, it is... Why wouldn't it be? You grind the weed up very fine, put it in the trench, hold the battery down and let it vape and inhale. When the batteries go out, recharge them (it comes with a wall charger). When the trench needs to be cleaned, use the brush and some rubbing alcohol, but be very very careful. Let it dry for a couple of minutes and reuse it over and over... You don't need to clean it every time, just when it starts to become dirty.
  11. MFLB has a learning curve. But its great, I have managed to get hallucinations after doing a trench in one session, something I have only ever achieved by doing twice as much smoking. Perfect if you live with parents, and buy the power adapter it makes it super chill. btw I'm high as fuck right now, from using the mflb too
  12. MFLB is amazing, you need to get it.
  13. I meant the weed. Is it reuseable like I've heard from other vapes? Like if I collect all my vaped weed can I use it for ediables / hash / smoke?
  14. Oh, haha. Yea the weed is reusable, it will be golden brown, and is still smokeable and you can bake it and put it in hash.
  15. Awesome, looks like I'll be picking up the MFLB sometime soon. :bongin:

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