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Should I get a MFLB?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by MyNamesAustin, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone.
    Okay, so I've read a lot of good things about the MFLB and I just want to know a few things before I purchase it.

    Just wanted to say that I live with my parents who are anti-marijuana (yes, I'm 18) and moving out is not an option.

    So if I bought it online and it got shipped to my house, is the box it comes in suspicous? If I weren't home at the time would someone have to sign for it? How long does it generally take to ship?

    As far as the MFLB goes, does it last a long time? I've read that it doesn't leave a weed-like smell so would I be able to vape in say public one room bathrooms without it being noticeable?

    If you can tell me anything else about it I would appreciate it! Thank you!
  2. First off, you've made the right choice with the mflb. As long as you ship from amazon (cheapest anyway) your package will look like just another package. The vape could easily be hit in the bathroom without a trace as long as the herb wasn't burned. Also, because of the lifetime warranty, you'll always be able to have an mflb. Good choice, happy Vaping!
  3. Good to hear! Only problem is I can't seem to find it on Amazon. The only thing I'm seeing is accesories. Could you link to me it? But regardless, thank you!
  4. I just checked and unfortunately, you are right; they don't have any mflbs on amazon. :( I'm not sure what changed. I'm not much help anymore because I don't know if the other websites ship discreetly. Perhaps you could ask a friend to ship to their house? You could also try buying from a L.H.S., but I don't know if it costs more there. Anyways, good luck and happy Vaping!
  5. ebay it ,you'll prob find some deals from the older models at a discount. works the same , just a different colour.
  6. Not sure bout where you live, but by me most of the headshops sell vaporizers. I have the No2 (cost me $210.00) vaporizer which is shaped like a tube with a small hose coming off the top. I live in a college dorm where smoking is frowned upon ;) and we smoke it in my room quite often. The smell that comes out is similar to a popcorn smell. If your still worried about the smell you can also make a sploof. Be safe and vape on friend
  7. I'd say yes, buy it.

    Maybe get one off of ebay so its coming from a person and not a store's name that could give you away. It does smell a bit, but not like burning weed and it can easily be covered up by exhaling into something like a towel.

    I love mine.
  8. Buy it from eBay, but make sure the serial number is valid so that the lifetime warranty is still able to be used.
  9. I would say no.... i have one and i can literally sit here having an hour long session and only catch a buzz for like 10 minutes

    and yes.. i know how to use it and even tryed the power adaptor for it...the mflb is like the mainstream vape i swear its overrated just because its portable

    id imagine my tolerance does effect it but considering how i can throw the same amount of weed in my arizer and get a lot higher then the mflb was getting me theres only one thing to do and thats blame the mflb

    :) the choice is yours really but in my own experience the thing sucks...
  10. Yeah desktops are always going to be better for getting high, but OP is looking for a stealthy way to smoke, and you can't beat the mflb for that.
  11. Fuck yes get it. Im in the same situation and i use it every night in my room and i havent been caught

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  12. I wish I could transfer my high right now for a few minutes so you could understand how much you need to buy this vape. As long as you're not hitting it as hard as humanly possible and at least trying to ghost hits, you should be fine with smell. My only issue has been when packing a new trench.

    Shipping was extremely discreet from eBay. Didn't have to sign for anything
  13. Get it dude, best smoking investment ive made. Ive had it for a year now, had to get it replaced once since i broke the screen trying to clean it like a dumbass. But replacing it is free, so as long as mflb is around youll always have a vape. It gives pretty fat clouds, makes bud last hella long, barely smells (ive taken 7 puffs of it in my friends back seat before he started noticing, he only notices since it starts to overheat the bud if you rip the same trench too many times.), and is practically invincible
  14. The box it comes in depends on where you buy it from. If you get it off amazon it will not look sketch, just a package from amazon. Like i said, the thing is invincible so it lasts super long, and if it breaks mflb will replace it free. No one would have to sign for it i think, but even if your rents did sign for it, theyll t think you just ordered something for yourself, it is christmas time. It will leave a smell if you overheat the bud by holding the battery in too long or rip the same bowl until its completely brown. Also the mflb itself starts to stink after a bit. You could get away with taking a few tokes of the flight box in a public bathroom for sure, but remember, its not just the vape that smells, if you have dank weed usually that shit will smell up an entire room
  15. Thanks for the answers! I ordered one off Ebay from vapovape for $75.00.

    I just had one more question though. I read somewhere that the warranty doesn't apply when you buy it for cheaper than the retail price off a third party site like Amazon or Ebay. Is this true?
  16. The warranty should apply as long as you have a valid serial number on the back of the box.
  17. Yeah, as long as you don't say that you paid $75 for it, they'd never know. If they ask, just say you spent $120 or whatever the warranty price is
  18. well, seeing as my roommate ordered one for me and had it shipped to the school, i'm guessing the packaging was discreet. of it hadn't been, one of the workers at the school post office definitely would have stopped it, and this is from the main mflb website.

    anyways, if you are unsure, you can just call or email the website directly. it might take a few days for a respone but i'm sure they will let you know

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