Should I get a lawyer?

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  1. Did you miss the part where he came outside in plainclothes holding a firearm, right after a shooting that was committed by other blacks? He made some bad decisions doing that. Everyone wants to pull the race card these days even when it is irrelevant!
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  2. He did have his gun, the two cops there had him under control, Rambo ran up and shot him. Not very good situational awareness. He should, as a minimum, be fired.

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  3. "Taking his police-issued weapon, he went outside to help"
  4. Thats what I thought also
    If you come up without a badge around your neck
    Well dam Fair Game than
  5. I thought I read that thanks
    I would never want to be a Cop
  6. Fair game my ass. That cop over-reacted and there was no threat. I am sure that after he was on the ground, recognized, ordered to come to them, his weapon was not pointing at anything, if it was still on him. The two cops had the situation under control.

    How or why would a late arriving cop feel threatened in the least? Unimaginable. He should loose his badge.

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  7. I have seen it happen
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    Under cover carrying mini 14 to the scene of a shooting in plain cloths
    Shot dead by uniformed officer, No shield around neck carrying a riffle leads to bad situation
    The Plain cloths was shot point blank by responding adjoining dept Officer(had no clue who the guy was all others knew him well)
    Could not save him
  9. You were not there
    Hard to judge
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  10. There is a lot of time spent on shoot, no shoot.
    No, I wasn't there, but I have been in similar situations.

    I would not want that dude on my team at all.

  11. Well than you should not be so hard on the guy until the investigation is complete
    nuf said
    We have both been there and leave it at that
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  12. Oh I agree on that guy on team
    He may have slip through the cracks
    it does happen No one is perfect
    Especailly when in High stress situation
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    I didn't throw any statistics so that last part of your little speech is pointless... but ya know you can't understand me so I guess I understand the barrier. I watched the video the pig was scared shitless and has no reason carrying a gun... he's probably the same type of dipshit that goes on someone's property and shoots their fucking dog... sad part is I know you are on the side that supports that sick shit. Have a good day
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  14. Ok so you dont need a lawyer. Im from jersey anf for your first weed charge yku can get a CD with a public defender

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  15. While they got us talking about cops shooting blacks corrupt government is letting huge numbers of drugs in killing the poor of all races and still they don't listen

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  16. if NJ law is civil, you will get a small fine and diversion program. If Chris christie has his head up his fat ass, you will be going to prison or serving jail time.

  17. Only a cop would defend his actions sure he was reaching lol, right....I must be in a bad city but cops around here don't protect you they harass you beat you up or even kill you, and will not come to your aid when you need it unless there are drugs there so cop defend this one..... you did start the name calling not me....
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    Yep every bad city has dumbass cops or every color... but I will say this most cities with a bad drug problem do have a lot of dedicated workers that bust their asses and risk their lives... but these pussies that just want to pump out ticket after ticket after ticket for stupid offenses and do nothing else well they don't deserve guns... all they need is a baton and some pepper spray... to many damn cops just parking in parking lots and sitting on the side of the street trying to pump out them tickets... then people end up losing their lives over a busted tail light.... a small baggie of weed.... stupid shit that has no reason resulting in that... but 9/10 times what happens to the cop? Paid leave while he waits a month or two to go back to work? Not to often does and cop even get prosecuted even if the shits cold blooded murder but hopefully this cop doesn't get away Scott free... that's just murder in my eyes no badge gives you the right to shoot a citizen who has a legal fire arm on him because you were scared and sketched out... thank god we aren't an anti gun country yet that's all I can say... It's just sad that nobody was around to shoot the individual that murdered that man Infront of that child for no reason. A badge doesn't give some emotionally distressed human being the right to play god because he was picked on as a kid or whatever obviously messed him up in the head.

    This ones one of the ones I've watched..

    Police Officer Guns Down Black Driver In Front Of His Girlfriend And Her Child

    Paid leave haha
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    What, you just got unlucky and I hope you got off easy. At that time, marijuana was not legalized in New Jersey, so you could go to jail and I really hope that you had a good lawyer and he saved you from this situation. Now, as far as I know, marijuana is legalized in New Jersey, and that's good news.
    I got into a similar situation when I was driving to visit my family in another state, and I had medical marijuana in my car. I had completely forgotten that marijuana was illegal in this state. So a good lawyer helped and exonerated me, see their recent content.
    I really hope that soon marijuana will be legalized everywhere and we will not experience difficulties associated with this.
  20. Kinda seems moot to post in here, I am sure OP no longer needs the lawyer.

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