Should i get a grinder?

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  1. Is it worth it, and if yes why?
  2. yes its worth it but in the meantime use a shotglass and best thing that can be found in most houses
  3. Well if you smoke a lot of weed it can start to become tedious to break up all that sticky goodness. Also, a lot of trichomes get stuck to your fingers and the bud gets all contaminated when you break it up by hand.
  4. Been toking for 13 years and I have never found it to be worth while. I personally like plucking my sensi apart instead of letting it get shredded and stuck to the blades of the grinder. I do own one though, I sometimes use it when shredding up schwag before rolling a doobie.

    With that being said, I just popped mine open today to top my bowl with some keif and I was surprise to find I had stored a bit of broken-up bud in the keif catcher. HEHEHEHE, who knows how long it has been in there, I just don't dig grinders, it is just a place for your bud to loose it trichomes. Just my opinion.
  5. You probably lose more trichomes on your fingers. Some are lost on the blades. I hate when people tell me I lose trichomes because I collect kief. Really I'm not losing any because it's still conserving them. I'll just use them for later, and really the little bit I lose grinding up my bud isn't usually going to make a difference on that single bowl. Sometimes with really dry bud you collect more kief, but if you were to break that up on a table or something you'd just lose them on your fingers and the table.
  6. using your hands is some caveman shit :D A grinder is way better to save more kief. you lose some on your fingers and paper or table , whatever you use to break it on
  7. get one its definatly worth it i cant stand breaking up bud without one now

    i got mine for 15 bucks at my local store but if you have more cash id definatly recommend getting a better one but mine works just fine
  8. It depends what you smoke. If you're smoking mids, then get a grinder, breaking that up with your hand sucks. If you're rolling then get a grinder.

    If you're getting chronic and you smoke with nice glass, I personally wouldn't. I usually just pick a small nug and break it into two or four pieces over my bowl and pack it in.

    It's nice to have one though, I just got a cheap one from ebay, works and does it's job.
  9. its worth it if you smoke alot i love my mendo mulcher IMO getting my fingers all stickied up from hand breaking up weed gets old quick
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    I have thought about this... I love my kief
  11. A grinder is always good to have handy, even the kid who said he been smoking for years still has one but likes to use his hands. Just get a cheap one and try it, if you like it get a better one and if not use your fingers and use it when you please. Simple as that.

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