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Should I get 2.5 grams of haze or kush?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sonofchess, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Wudup kids?

    I have been up on some good Kush for about a week and my dude calls me up to say he's got some Super Silver Haze. He usually hypes up his bud but I've also gotten some of the best ever from him in the past so Ive got a 40 dollar personal stash budget this week(I only want dank). Should I go for the Kush I know already or the "Haze" I don't?
  2. Super silver haze is heavily sativa. Kush is normally more in the middle. You want a heady high with the haze, or what you're used to with the "kush".
  3. dude if u like to experiment, then experiement.

    2.5 isnt a whole lot of weed to be trippn to big about neway. but dude... either way, when u do get it. . .

    get FADED.

    n besides there is ALOT of bomb weed out there not kush. yummy

  4. If i were you I would get the super silver haze. I have heard nothing but good things about it. If it is legit ssh, you're in for a treat
  5. lol haze :hello:
  6. Well I would go with the Silver Haze wich is more sativa than the kush. But that's just my preference.

  7. go for the super silver haze dude, if it is legit stuff it will be well worth it. my friend gets this stuff and its straight bomb. :smoking:
  8. either way ur gonna get fuckin stoned...who gives a shit...make up ur mind by urself lol
  9. Get the HAZE. I've got some A2 Mexican Haze right now that is AMAZING! I love the haze strains

  10. nice, give us a little smoke report after you pick it up. :smoking:
  11. Look at both, get the one thats better grown.
    Assuming they're both the same, kush will be a heavier more sedative high in general compared to hazes. Although, super silver haze is a haze that is particularly stupefying, its not sedative but it makes it hard to focus.

  12. Bfitz is telling the truth. u r going to get pretty high anyways:smoking:

    but i wuud go with the haze.
  13. if it were me i would go with the haze just becasue i smoke mostly satica dominant during the day and i enjoy kush's at night but theres nothing wrong with a little of both!
  14. Can you try and get a split stash, some haze some kush. There's nothing I like better than mixing two superb quality nugs and seeing where it goes.
  15. Go with the Haze. Gotta leave that heavy head high.
  16. I just picked it up(looks bomb) I will try to get pics in a bit with a smoke report.

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