should i flush?

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  1. I was planning on flushing my plant on the 15th of this month. But i recently picked up a new microscope and all of the Tricomes are cloudy so i was thinking of just flushing her in the next couple of days.

    This is my first grow so i dunno about how much time i have untill the Tricomes turn amber.

    The hairs on the plant are about 85% white still.

  2. That a pic of your plant or just a nice pic you found? If that's yours then congrats, it looks dee-licious.

    How is your lower growth doing? I don't see any signs of yellowing/dying leaves in that pic, so if your whole plant looks like that then you should be fine to flush now. The challenge with that final flush is, as you have realized, figuring out when you are the right time ahead of harvest. This is important because you will stop feeding the plant after that flush, so you don't want to do it too early. If you plant is looking healthy and green then it has plenty of stored nutes to live off of, in which case flush away.

    Even if the plant is showing yellowing you probably are fine to flush now, 100% cloudy is not far from peak...

  3. here is the full plant, and yes it is my plant. There is some burn on the lower leaves.
  4. nice looking plant, I say Flush her panties off
  5. nice looking plant, how tall is it?
  6. nice plant, should start flushing like the others said. What strain?
  7. Yeah, that plant has held up nicely through flowering, plenty of stored nutes -- so flush away!
  8. thanks,

    not as tall as i would like her to be. She is about 19". I have a box thats 4' high and i read somewhere that it triples in size so i put her into flowering at 12". I will grow my clones bigger next time.

    thanks, its G-13.

    also my container is 13.5 quarts does that mean i have to flush it with about 9 gallons of water?
  9. A plant might triple in size in flower stage, it's not a hard-and-fast rule.

    Yeah, flush with 3x the pot volume, so that would be 9-10 gallons.
  10. You can cheat a little -- use about 6 gallons tap water (let it sit out in an open container for 24 hrs first) then about 3 gal of distilled or pH adjusted water for your 9-10 gallon flush. Once the soil is saturated, the water you continue to pour on top will push the water already in the soil out the bottom. So, just make sure you finish up with pH-adjusted water and that is what will be remaining in your soil after the flush.

  11. awesome thanks for the advice that makes like life much easier!

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